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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In an attempt to get up-to-date and be actually accurate with the blog I'm going to do a little photo summary for the days between then and now with commentary. The days that awesome things happened will have the usual stories tied to them. Also, with school there are plenty of days I just didn't have anything to take pictures of (unless you really want pictures of my computer screen). Hopefully this will serve as a decent recap and I can get back to actually writing on time. A girl can dream, no? I'll pick up with the word of the day then.

[27 September 2009]

Today Laura and I took a trip to Szentendre, a Danube riverside city about 30 minutes by HEV from the center of town. It's quite the picturesque little town with curvy little cobblestone streets. There were a ton of little markets to buy things, lots of food, lots of tourists, and great places to just sit and look out on the Danube and enjoy the last few days of summer. We ate some Langos, which is a hungarian food/treat/whatever that's basically fried dough (but not a sweet dough like we get at fairs back at home) and we decided to top it with sour cream and cheese. It was heart-attack worthy, but it was delicious.

View down the river bend

The monument in the center of the town

The main church on the square

Just an example of the pretty houses.

Budapest = Paprikas

Another church on the hill

View from above.

A Serbian Church, I believe.

This guy's ready for a crusade.

My Langos :)
[30 September 2009]

You know you missed my food posts. This is the best falafel in town. Feel free to start drooling whenever.

[1 October 2009]

Today was a big day! I got the nerve to pack up my fencing stuff and find my new fencing studio! And I could not be happier with it! It's in an old synagogue that's been converted into a fencing gym - so it's beautiful inside. And the fencing is better than I've had in years. Seriously. Potentially even ever. Who knows, really? But I am thrilled to be fencing here. I come home from practice sore and exhausted, but in that way that makes you feel so happy and alive. Any fencers out there, or any athlete really, will understand what I mean. I'm blissfully exhausted, bruised, and bloody. I could not ask for more - oh and I'm going to be taking lessons too! Awesome!

[4 October 2009]

Today Laura and I went to a little town called Gödöllő which is this tiny town about 20 minutes away from Budapest on the HEV. It has a little palace that was where Franz Joseph and his wife Elizabeth lived. It usually has amazing gardens out back, but they're remodeling out there, so no pretty flowers. But still some pretty pictures. Before we left for there, though, we wanted to go to the great synagogue (not to be confused with my fencing gym), but when we got there it was closed (for that day only!) so we only got some nice pictures of the outside. That synagogue may turn into my white whale. Oh, and before we left Godollo we stopped at this AMAZING dessert place in the town, which was the only place open on a Sunday. After about 30 minutes of enjoying the sun and our desserts we were in a pretty decent sugar coma and we decided to head home to finish up work for the week.

Flowers outside the palace.

Me and the Palace

Just standing guard.

The palace.

Cornerstone of the synagogue.

The synagogue.

World Peace Gong.

Awesome fountain.

Awesome statue.

[5 October 2009]
This is the street my dorm is on. Building on Right is the dorm.

[6 October 2009]

Laura is holding the grossest thing I have ever tasted. The plate contains the best mac 'n cheese casserole type thing I have ever eaten. It had PUMPKIN in it.

[7 October 2009]
Our last afternoon in the Japanese Garden. After this, too cold.

[9 October 2009]
On the metro, heading out to town.
[10 October 2009]
It's starting to look a LITTLE like fall? Right?

[11 October 2009]
If I can only miss one thing from Budapest, it will be these cookies. Two butter/sugar cookies held together with jam and covered in chocolate. Heaven in sugar form.

[14 October 2009]
Another meal from the indian place. Jasmine rice, and a vegetable dish - carrots, peppers, homemade cheese, and other deliciousness. I love this place. What isn't pictured here is the Mexican Restaurant we found. AMAZING. Or it at least felt like home - I had a bean & cheese burrito with a side of rice and refried beans. SO delicious.

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