The Music of the Night [Andrew Lloyd Webber/Phantom of the Opera]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a short little update.

I'm going to the Opera tomorrow.
(pause here to send some prayers out to
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose found himself
back in the hospital with an infection after cancer surgery)
Excited to get all dressed up and go out with friends.
The dressed up bit has become a little less exciting
due to the fact that.....

My arm is bruised and bloody from tonight's fencing
(this does not pair so well with a dress for the Opera).
Some Hungarian chicks hit hard when they get frustrated.
My new coach destroyed my body during my lesson.
I ache in places I never thought I could ache.
I'm tired in a manner I haven't been in ages.
But it's the most amazing feeling in the world.

It's 1:00AM and I just finished my readings for tomorrow.
The suprestress is starting to kick in.
I have to make myself sit down, shut up,

And then I find stories like this one
which makes my heart cry and smile simultaneously
And makes me just a little more optimistic
because if her little heart could be so big,
our big adult hearts can grow to be big too.

I propose that we all start writing some lovenotes,
ad scatter them for people we love -
hell, even strangers -
to find amidst the ragged, grey days of our lives.
Let's all love a little more, okay?

Here's Love Note #1:
I love YOU for coming here,
reading my words
for you,
and leaving your words behind,
for me.


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