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Monday, November 23, 2009

A weekend update for you all, as promised - finally! Truthfully, I should be working on one of the six papers I have to write, or studying Latin grammar, but sometimes a break is just what you need. Much like the break I got Friday night.

On Monday Laura had the bright idea to finally go to the Opera. We sent out an email, a few people replied, and on Wednesday we trekked out to the Opera House and bought eight tickets for Friday night’s show. They cost 1,000 HUF each (approximately $5) and the seats were in the balcony. Friday night we got all dressed up (I wore the dress I bought for Ginny’s wedding last year - a beautiful purple silky dress with a ruffled neckline, silver leggings and my polka-dotted high heels) and took the metro into town.

The ballet we saw was The Karamazovs (link will take you to the Wiki article about the book the ballet is based upon) and it was amazing. The man that played Aleksey was phenomenal. I was entranced by him from the second he stepped on the stage and all the way through the fifth curtain call. He could leap so high from standing still and his lines were impeccable. I swear I could have watched just him dance for hours longer. The women who played the two female leads were equally brilliant, but for me it was Aleksey who stole my attention. There were one or two full cast dances which were beautiful to watch - the choreographer did a beautiful job. As usual, watching a ballet made me sad that I stopped dancing so long ago! There’s one piece of music late in the second act that I completely forgot was from this ballet - but I love it! I’d link it to you here for youtube or something, but I can’t find it anywhere.

After we explored some of the Christmas markets which are in the process of being set up. I had some hot punch and got an awesome mug to keep (you could return it and get some $ back, but it’s too awesome not to keep! pictures soon!).

Which reminds me - I’m really sad to inform you that I broke my new camera. The trusty little blue Nikon I bought so I’d have a small pocketable camera for the trip. I was at the market with dad (who was here a few weeks ago) and dropped my bag (which it was in) and it broke the (touch)screen. We’re hoping to repair/replace it over Christmas. So sad! I loved that little guy!

Sometime before Thursday I hope to put up a post reflecting on Thanksgiving. So until then, my friends...



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