Christmas Canon Rock [Trans Siberian Orchestra]

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a quick note to say hi and to prove that Latin hasn't killed me (yet).

The exam is Monday at 9AM. Needless to say all I'm doing this weekend is studying. That is, when I'm not wasting time on the internets. I'm trying really hard not to get sucked into the internet vortex, but it's really difficult when you don't want to do what you need the be doing.

I have a whole host of things to tell you about - the Nutcracker, the Christmas markets, and much more. But that will all have to wait until Monday night probably. Next week (once Latin is over) should be a lot of fun, almost all of my classes are being held at local pubs and don't involve much work to be done. We can all use it, so I'm thankful for that. But it's going to be busy too - I'm trying to get at least three of my six papers done before I leave for the states. I want to take a trip to NC pretty much right when I get back - and that is over the deadlines for those three papers. So, I'm going to be a busy little worker bee over the next week.

But the big post Monday will be me hosting my first Blog Giveaway. I'm picking up something from one of the Christmas markets - a nice Hungarian Christmas surprise for you :) Pictures and "rules" to be posted sometime Monday!

Hope you're all enjoying the start of the Christmas season!


  1. Thanx for your sweet comment!

    Good luck with all your classes and all the papers that you have due!

  2. so glad you found my blog, and thanks for your comment! god luck with your latin!


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