Christmas Jazz [Trans Siberian Orchestra]

Monday, December 7, 2009

So Latin is over with (as you may have guessed from the post before this one). I couldn't be happier! What's the most amazing was it was over at 11am and we had the corrected tests in our pigeon holes (re: mailboxes) by 4pm. You're looking at the proud owner of a B+ (which is not what I was hoping for, as I'm a perfectionist by nature, but with Latin this beggar won't be a chooser).

After the exam I came home (will have to postpone the giveaway start to tomorrow or Wednesday) and napped because I had the most gigantic migraine. You know how when you're super stressed out for weeks at a time that your shoulders are perpetually around your ears and your jaw is constantly tensed? Well, the stress washed away when I turned my exam in and that loss of stress transferred into a throbbing echo of little Indians playing on tom-toms in my head. So I napped it off for a few hours and then worked on the class journals that I was supposed to turn in today but put off for studying Latin.

So, instead I will leave you tonight with my first top 7 list (you know me, I have to be different - 5 was too few and 10 was too many!). There are too many good ones!! Go here to see more!

My Top Seven Favorite Christmas Commercials

1. Hershey Kisses. I love these little guys!

2. I'm a Tar Heel, born and bred - what else would you expect?

3. Candy & Christmas = a classic!

4. Ahh Fruity Pebbles. Not a favorite cereal, but every time I watch this or hear it on TV the little jingle is stuck in my head. Plus, for a commercial it has a pretty good moral about sharing with friends!

5. For those of you who need a reason to believe....

6. This one just makes me happy. Walmart or not, it's a well done, warm-your-heart commercial which is what needs to be on TV this time of year, not commercials about selling toys to kids, diamonds to women, and electronics to men.

7. This one combines my three favorite things: Coca Cola Polar Bear Commercials, Penguins, and the Beach Boys. How could it go wrong?

okay, and this one - just because it's how i feel right now:


  1. Congrats on being done with your exam! Cute post, love the commercials!

  2. I'm so glad you're done with that big exam. B+ on a Latin exam is nothing to be upset over; it's terrific!!! Yay!

    I absolutely love that Hershey's Kisses commercial!


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