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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A quick little post because I really, really want to go to bed before midnight tonight.

Should I go to bed before midnight?

Probably not.

I finished one of my last two papers an emailed it in about an hour ago (and have been lost in internets-land since then). I'm not totally happy with it, but it's done and that's all that I can really ask for at the moment. But I really should get a chunk of the other one written. Not that I can do too much of it just yet (it's a book review, and I haven't quite finished the book yet). So, instead I am giving myself an evening to watch some TV or a movie and get some sleep. The combination of Jet Lag and staying up too late working on this paper is catching up to me.

Oh, yeah, the Public Transit Strike. It's really, really cold. As in really, really cold. It's a long mile to walk in the early morning light and the buildings and the sky are all so grey. I'm just really glad I went grocery shopping before the strike - it would be a long walk with those heavy bags!

This is my (probably futile) attempt at the Project: 365 Photo Thingamabob.

Tuesday: So, I'm back in the dorm. I bought some of the ticky-tack-gum stuff to put up a posters (my lovely Tar Heel Basketball schedule/ Celebrating 100 years of Carolina Basketball!) and postcards so that it doesn't look quite like a white box. It's still tiny, but it at least has a little character. (Side note, I'd love to trade postcards with anyone who's interested! Live anywhere interesting? Got cool postcards from your hometown?)

Here's my lovely decorated wall:

Wednesday: This evening I recycled most (2/3) my materials for last semester. This includes handouts, PDFs I printed out, and papers I wrote that I'm not attached to the comments given on them and I have them on my computer, and other assorted paper things. I doubt I'll need them again, and if I do I'll have access to them still.

But still, it was a lot of paper.

I feel like the Lorax would be giving me a stern lecture if he could see. But at least I recycled them, right? I just cannot stand reading articles on the computer. My eyes hurt after a few pages, I get headaches (no, I don't need glasses, I went to the eye doctor back in August and I still have 20/15 vision, be jealous), and I just love making notes and highlighting the paper.

Here's some photo proof of the massive amount of trees I recycled. Let's home in Hungary the paper in the recycling bin actually makes it to a recycling plant.

In really sad news, a favorite professor of mine from my freshman year (yeah, I only took one class with him, but it was probably my most memorable class of that year!) passed away today after a long battle with cancer. Kenneth Strong was in a lot of plays at Carolina as well in some movies and TV shows - he was a somewhat but not really regular judge on Law and Order too!

My favorite part of his class was that every day we came in to the lecture hall he would have all 100+ of us stand up and he would blast some awesomely horrible song over the speakers and we had to dance for a good minute. I mean had to dance. He would come arond and force you to stand if you were sitting, grab your arms and twirl you around if you weren't dancing, and other things. It was such a great way to start class and I will never forget him for that. Please keep him and his family in your prayers!

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  1. I am glad that you had a teacher that made an impact on you.. but sad that he has passed!


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