Wishful Wednesday: A Dress Like No Other

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

So this week's Wishful Wednesday from The Seattle Smiths asks us - which dress from the Golden Globe awards would you would love to have worn. Now, sadly, the Golden GLobes are hard to come by in Budapest, so my red carpet drooling and dreaming has been done from afar (via blogs, news sites, and other assorted areas of cyberspace). But let me tell you, when I came across this dress the girly-girl-wanna-be-movie-star inside me started screaming and begging me.

Inner Me: "Please, oh please, we must have that dress!"
Me: "That dress probably cost more than college did."
IM: "But just think of all the places you'd wear it to!"
Me: "Think of all the Ketchup I'd spill on it!"
IM: "But we really want it!"
Me: "People in hell want ice water. Doesn't mean they're gonna get it."
IM: "But it's just so adorable! And chic! And so, well, US!"
Me: "I must concede, it is an amazing dress. But we're still not getting it."

Which dress you ask?

Why this one, of course!

It's Jayma Mays wearing a Badgley Mischka Resort 2010 masterpiece. She plays the guidance councilor in Glee. She's cute, she's spunky, she's flirty - dangit, she's ME. But she's on the red carpet, and I'm blogging about wishing I was on the red carpet.

Sigh. Maybe someday (IM:"Someday? Get your our cute little butt going!").

And just a heads up to my last post - an aftershock went through Haiti, as if they didn't have problems already. Please, help in whatever way you can. Even if it's just smiling at a stranger to make the world a little happier of a place, please do it. If every Americain cut out $10 from their YEARLY spending (this means making a one time donation of $10) we'd be able to send close to 3.1 BILLION dollars to relief efforts in Haiti. Think about that.


  1. I thought that dress was awesome!! You should totally get it, you could wear it everywhere! ☺

  2. I didn't see this dress. LOVE IT. And her too. Her clothes on Glee are so stinkin' cute. Like she stepped right out of J. Crew.

  3. I didn't see that dress, but it's really pretty. She is so adorable on Glee!

  4. I did not see that dress either...but I LOVE the entire cast of Glee!

    Thank you for also posting about Haiti...I donated!

  5. She's adorable and her dress is perfect on her! Good choice!

  6. Stopping by from another blog we both read... had to comment on Jayma's dress...

    I loooooved the top half. I wasn't so sure about the bottom half, but I definitely enjoyed seeing her in something a little less "prissy" than her role on Glee allows. Hooray, another Gleek!

    By the way, I have to know... what school in NC did you go to? I am also an alum of one of them...

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  7. I saw that dress but it looked TOTALLY diff without her picking it up!


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