Rah-Rah Carolina-lina, Go To Hell Dook!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today is one of the two biggest days of the year.

Today is the day where the battle between good and evil will be played out on the hardwood. It is the day where all those who worship the god of the True Blue fall to their knees and scream at the refs (even if the calls are the right ones). It is the day where we hope that Coach Ksadkf;riowe leaves the Dean Dome with tears in his eyes.

I'm normally a very nice and pleasant person. I rarely have bad things to say about people and I normally do not wish failure on anyone. But today is a different day; today is an exception to the rule.

Today is the day of the Carolina/Duke rivalry.

And though we've been having a down year, I know that my boys are going to take to the court and fight as though their lives depend on it (and in Chapel Hill, they kinda do). Tonight they're going to have a fire in their eyes that no one has seen this year so far. Nothing, and I mean nothing, rials up a team like the prospect of beating their rival down to size.

Look at years past when one team has had an off year - the game was still close. Why? Because it maters that much.

What I mean to say is - don't write off my boys just yet, they may surprise you.

Let's go get 'em Heels!


  1. I should have known that is where you went ;)

  2. yick... any chance both teams could lose?!? GO DEACONS!! :)

  3. There is no etiquette when it comes to college rivalries!

    I left something on my blog for you! =)


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