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Sunday, March 7, 2010

So, there's this store in Budapest that was made for all of us expats who are just dying for a taste of home (or at least a taste of something that's not Hungarian, or at least a taste of something somewhat familiar). It's called Culinaris, and it is heaven.

Well, it's what heaven would be like if it was incredibly expensive and full of imported foods from around the world stuffed into a room the size of my kindergarten classroom. Apparently there are three of them scattered about the city, but the one I go to is just next to the Parliament building, so I always get a nice, scenic walk when I go there.

I say "when I go there" like I frequent the place. This is not true. Remember when I sad it was expensive? That may just be an understatement. But, it's totally worth it. I go once a month, right after they deposit our stipend for the month, and load up on some deliciousness.

This trip I bought some microwaveable Indian food and microwaveable Batsmati rice; Raisins; Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice; Campbell's Broccoli Cheddar soup; Salsa; an English cereal which is all sorts of dried fruits and oatmeal/cereal grains; and Ketchup. And all that cost me just shy of $30. Yes, you read that right. I almost got Campbell's clam chowder instead of the B&C - but the CC cost 1,500 HUF (roughly $7) while the B&C cost me 570 HUF (roughly $3). So, you can kind of see the costly nature of this store. I also usually I get some Resees Mini PB Cups too while I'm there, but I still have a bag left from when my parents sent me them. Apparently I'm good at rationing sweets.

I'm a happy kid now, with all my loot in tow. But then I stopped at the Hungarian grocery store to get all the things I love here as well - fresh Brie, bagel chips, fresh baked bread, fruit, and fresh Juice.

What can I say, I love good food :)

So, what I ask you is - what are foods you think would miss if you were out of the States? And if you have lived out of the States, what foods did you discover that you now miss terribly?

(I think I still miss food from Italy more than I will ever miss Hungarian food, but that may go without saying - Italian food is really the best food on the planet. If you ask me.)


  1. Great post! I can really identify with what you're saying, being in Korea for so long. At first, I really missed Mexican food, as well as food that my mom would make (i.e. mashed potatoes with gravy, mac & cheese, turkey and stuffing, biscuits). But the longer I stay here, the less food I have to miss, because either I've found a restaurant that serves it or can get the ingredients to make it myself.

    The one thing I haven't found here yet that I really miss is Reese's Pieces. Sometimes I really crave those!

  2. Yikes that is expensive! I think I would miss meatloaf, macaroni & cheese & guacamole. Those are some of my faves that I eat frequently...

  3. I feel you girl. Just the other day I paid $55 on small things like milk, rice, some veggies, bread, and no meat and all. I almost cried. :(
    Ya know what I miss...good turkey and stuffing, and cran-raspberry juice (they have the cranberry juice here but no mix), good avocados and mangoes, poptarts sometimes (but I had some last time I visited family and ate one and couldn't stand the hmmm...weird)...and ha, In'n'Out burgers and shakes. What can I say?! Can't ever deny that.
    But I'm doing pretty great enjoying food over here and not really missing stuff, and if I do I either find a place that sells it or have my friends and family send me some stuff. :D

    Happy Sunday.

  4. I'm British, and I've eaten (and cooked) in a reasonable number of countries.

    Main thing I miss is fresh vegetables (this was particularly notable in Iceland), European chocolate (hard to track down in the USA without going to a premium brand), and (in many countries) lack of the concept of vegetarianism. Oh, and I struggled to find custard in Finland...

  5. I'm glad you like my place of residence.. I didn't know what to call it haha. It's like a unit, or house, but I feel weird calling it a house when I'm only renting it..

    "This trip I bought some microwaveable Indian food and microwaveable Batsmati rice" these are staples for me. I get them every time I go shopping haha!


  6. Sometimes the benefit outweighs the cost. Every now and then in the UK we'd splurge and buy from a company that had random American food products. I once paid the equivalent of $10 for a box of Lucky Charms. I don't even buy those here but I saw them and my girls were so happy to have that kind of treat!

    Parliament building is beautiful!

  7. oh my goodness i would be here for days if i told you all the foods i'd miss if i lived out of the US. I liked this post you wrote its interesting to hear about other places! Too bad its so expensive =/

    and p.s. is it weird that I think of your blog when I order a soda? hahaha I just remember the post where you wrote "the size of their extra large drinks at fast food places (McD's, BK) is smaller than our small drink back in the States." Crazy to think about!

  8. What funny timing! I just discovered one of those stores here the other day with all sorts of delicious Costco products! Expensive, but sometimes just one taste of home is worth it ;)


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