Boat Trip to Visegrad, Hungary

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So, that boat trip down the Danube I went on? It was pretty awesome.

We went to Visegrad, a small castle-town on the Danube Bend. It has a population (according to Wikipedia, and Wikipedia never lies!) of just under 2,000.

I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to relax as we meandered upstream, sun on my shoulders, wind in my hair. Not having to worry about papers or deadlines or anything even remotely associated with schooling. It was three hours by boat there, so it was a nice time to snack on the "lunches" they prepared for us, chat, and read some of my book (of which I will write a review next post, as it was pretty darn awesome - and even more awesome that I have time again to read what I want!).

Don't worry,
that wasn't our boat.
But too funny, right?

Then we had three hours in the city. We were met by drummers as we got off the boat and led up to the lower castle where they had set up a "medieval tournament" for us to watch. It was silly, pretty kitsch, but incredibly fun. Plus, this girl loves all things hand-combat and projectile related, so I was in (over-choreographed) heaven. Among other things there were: swords, Battle Axes, Falconry, Throwing Stars, Bow & Arrows, and crossbows (I really, really want to learn how to shoot one...). At the end they let us try our hand at the throwing stars. Guess which girl did the best of all the girls and most of the guys? Yep, this one! So, mom, with my degree in Medieval Studies and my assorted fencing and throwing-star skills, I can successfully get a job at a medieval faire. See! I won't be unemployed forever!

Then we walked over to the old (mostly reconstructed) Renaissance palace of King Matthias of Hungary. The same palace that was discussed to a gross extent in my East Central European Renaissance class this past semester. So, needless to say, me and one of my friends in the class tried to play tourguide. The views were beautiful from there!

And then we made our way back. And since we were going downstream, this time it only took 2 hours. How's that for water-power?! Nothing exciting to report from this leg of the voyage, as I slept the whole way home. What can I say? Moving vehicles of any kind put me to sleep. And it was raining and I was inside the boat this time rather on top (because of the rain), so I was warm and had my headphones on. But all-in-all it was a lovely day!


  1. That is so amazing and I really love these pictures! :-)

  2. What a cool thing to get to do.

    Hungary is now added to my list of places to visit, thanks to you.

  3. What? Seriously? The pictures are incredible! I want to go!!!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful!

    I'm sure your mom is relieved to hear you've got a job track : ) Do you have the costume?


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