The Fall [Brendan James]

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last year it was October that got me really choked up. The weather here had turned to nonstop rain from nonstop sunshine; to grey, angry skies from bright, hopeful blue ones. Lat year it was October that made me wish I was home again to rejoice in the New England autumns I have loved so much for all my life.

This year it's September.

The weather since arriving in Budapest has been atrocious. It rained pretty much nonstop for the first two weeks I was here (minus the two days of the field-trip, but that wasn't in Budapest, so I think it doesn't count). The air was cold, my feet were constantly wet, and it felt as though winter was banging pretty loud on the front door.

The last few days have been nice though; scattered sunshine and some blue skies peaking through fluffy (instead of angry) clouds. When the sun was out
from behind the clouds you could take off your sweater and feel its rays dance over your skin. When it would hide, you put your sweater back on and all was still well. It's a dance played between you, the sunlight and the shadows; one where you are the follower waiting to be lead, the cadence and the steps dictated by mother nature.

That's my favorite autumn feeling; the sun kissing your skin in the crisp air. It always feels like a promise to me; a promise that though days like this may be gone for a while, it will return. Days where you can embrace the feel of its warmth across your body and soak in its beauty will not be gone forever.

And it makes me miss my autumns in New England. With its sometimes old world feel, New England, in my heart (and probably many others) is truly in its element come September. It's the one place in the world that seems to always get autumn perfect. The beautiful colors that we all know and love so much; the flavors of pumpkin and apple infuse themselves with almost everything you can eat; the temperatures that always seem to border on justquiteright; autumn, to me, is the seasonal personification of perfection.

Oh, and in reference to the title of the post:
Meet Brendan James, a favorite artist of mine.
UNC Grad, NH native
He's positively amazing; really.
You should get his album on iTunes.

oh, and all pictures are from we[heart]it

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  1. You always share the best music! Thank you...I am bummed that we are not going to be able to budget for our annual fall trip to New England this year. =(

    Thank you for your sweet, encouraging comments on my blog during my hectic days. I appreciate you!


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