What A Day For A Daydream [Lovin' Spoonful]

Friday, September 10, 2010

There's really been not a lot going on here this past week since the fieldtrip. I've been to a few meetings, but mostly I've just been bored - and I've enjoyed being bored. If any of last year is an indication of what this year is going to be like, I'll take boredom over over-stressed any day!

But because of that I really have little to talk about (the weather has been a bummer, I've been looking up future graduate school plans, etc). So, just to tide you over, here are some pictures from the fieldtrip we went on last week. There are more, but I haven't had time to sort through and edit any of those yet. So, enjoy these for now :)

couldn't have asked for a better day
to take pictures on a pond.
I love reflection pictures :)

The colors!

I think my FiveFingers were more of a hit
than some of the sites we went to!
Seriously, teachers, colleagues, others,
came up to me all day asking about them.
(For the record, they're amazing shoes!)

Old busted down tombstones
at a Serbian Orthodox Church.

That branch grew too heavy,
bent down to the ground,
and now seems to be rooting there
while still attached to the original tree!
So pretty!

Graffiti in an old pool at an estate.

No fieldtrip with our department
is complete without a Hungarian wine tasting.
This one happened to be in some wine cellar.

A still morning on Lake Balaton.


  1. Wow-those first two photos are amazing! Seriously!

  2. Oh my gosh! Those five-toed shoes are real??? My teacher mentioned them a couple weeks ago, but I didn't know they actually existed, haha! Awesomee

    And I LOVE the picture of the boat on the water at the end :)

  3. beautiful pictures! They are all great!

    and I agree- I'll take boredom over stress any day!


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