Happiness in a Nutshell

Friday, October 1, 2010

  • My daddy's been in Budapest since Sunday, which has been amazing. He, unfortunately, had to go home today. However, we had a wonderful time full of thermal baths, fabulous food, a beautiful trip to the Opera, and time to just spend together. I love having my parents come out and visit me and experience the wonders of this awesome world. I just wish they could come more! I love my family.
  • The weather this past week has been amazing. With a forecast for rain, dad and I were certain that umbrellas would be a staple of our wardrobe. Mother Nature, thankfully, decided that what we needed was a week full of beautiful autumn days.
  • Dad being here has also meant that I got a ton of my favorite foods from home. Hello giant jar of peanut butter, Flipz, Cheeze-Its, Starbucks VIA, and Sleepytime tea! And other awesome things made their way across the pond as well: My LLBean Wellies, a wall decoration of the NYC skyline from Target, and some leg warmers.
  • School is back in full swing. I think I'm already tired of writing papers and reading scholarly articles. Can I go back to camp now, please?
  • This also means that I am again addicted to coffee. Thanks Coffee guy for making my morning cup look pretty before I devour it.
  • Now that it's finally fall, all my favorite TV shows are back on and I need to get caught up with them already! Sheesh, being in Europe apparently means not being able to appropriately keep up with them
  • Dear Vampire Diaries, You gave me a heart attack from moment one. Thanks for keeping it real. Love, Courtney // Dear CSI, Don't you dare kill anyone this season. Love, Courtney // Dear Private Practice, I had forgotten you killed off my Dell last season. Thanks for reopening that wound. I'm still mad at you. Love, Courtney // [I'm sure there will be many more...]
  • Have I mentioned I love autumn? Now, let's just see how long we can keep winter at bay...


  1. Yay for your favorite foods arriving : ) Fall is my favorite time of year so I'm loving the temps and blue skies today...we've had a full week of horrible rains but I guess that's fall too. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. When are you thinking of going to Prague? It was so picturesque and just starting to be fall when we were there two weeks ago. How long of a train ride is it for you, from Budapest?

  3. I don't think I've ever been over to your blog before! It's lovely.

    have a fabulous weekend!



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