Ich bin nach Wien gereist! (Part One)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for this post
(btw, I just googled the meaning of "baited breath"
because, seriously, what a silly idiom!
"with great anticipation," fyi,
which is totally how you've been feeling.
I know it.)

But first,
as a side note,
I'm a guest blogger today
Go see!

I'll try to keep the writing brief,
and let the pictures do the talking.
But seriously,
as I've said a bazillion times at this point,
Vienna was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
So, not saying a lot would be difficult :)
Hence the "Part One"

So, the day started when my alarm went off at 4:45AM.
Yes, you read that right.
4:45 A.M.
I took the earliest train into Vienna - 6AM.
I was petrified of the train, mind you.
Walking around trying to figure out which car I belonged in
(they give you a 'class' but not a seat,
but some people reserve a seat,
so sometimes you have to move when
someone comes up and wants their seat!)
But I got on, and had a window seat (yay)
Slept some on the train.
(I was exhausted)
Got woken up to have my ticket be punched.
And then to marvel at all the snow
passing by outside my window,
while the sun was rising over the Hungarian countryside.

So, 2.5 hours later I arrived in Vienna.
Stepped off the train.
(it was very, very cold)
And then made my way to the metro
and then to the center of the city:
Stephansdom (St. Stephen's Church)
and took a lot of pictures
(of gargoyles with frozen mouths, the church, and the horse drawn carriages around the place)

Then I decided to make my way down
Graben Strass
Looked at some pretty statues
some really expensive stores
(that I didn't stop to shop in!)
and went to a second church, Peterskirche.
Which was also beautiful,
the architecture in Europe is amazing.

Then I found my way down to the
Hofburg Palace - which is huge,
and home to a lot of museums and collections.
But I wanted to go there to see if I could see a tour
of the stables of the Spanish Riding School
and see the Lipizzaner Stallions.
I stumbled upon being able to get
I cannot even begin to explain to you
how freaking amazing that opportunity was.
(sorry, mom, I know you're still jealous...)

Stay tuned for more of my adventures
In Vienna :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I absolutely loved Vienna but was there in the summer - now I am wishing I could have seen it snowy!


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