Five Randoms for Friday

Friday, January 7, 2011

I just realized I haven't really written a real post in, well, quite a while. Sorry! I'm glad you're all still here though - I seem to have gotten vacation brain, or something. So, since there's so much going on in my brain and there is no way this post would be anything other than incoherent, I'll give you 5 random things for today.

1. I go back to Budapest tomorrow. Seriously. Where did my vacation go? Where was my free time? I still have so much to do - namely all those papers and assorted assignments that need to get done, packing (so I can have clothes and things in Budapest), and spending time with my parents and my cats. I'm seriously at a loss for how fast 4 weeks went by.

2. Starbucks has revealed their new logo for 2011. It's kinda chic - if not identical to the old logo, just without the text. I guess their logo is known pretty much worldwide at this point, so there really is no need to actually write out "Starbucks Coffee" on it anymore. I kinda like it, though it will take a little time to get used to. The old log was very self-contained, and the new one seems to just float on the cup. Any thoughts?

3. I'm thinking of maybe doing some sort of weekly prompt thing. I want it to be fun and simple. Probably something to do with music - maybe a "Just Another Music Monday" or something where you can share your playlist must-haves for the week. Maybe even have themes every now and then? You know a workout list for the week, or a driving list, or something. Who knows really. It's just that I'm such an eclectic listener, it would be fun to see all the new and old favorites out there - you know, expand my horizons some more. My iPod is getting a little tired of the same-old, same-old. This means I'd have to learn that McLinky thingamabob, but it can't be that hard, right? Would you want to participate? Link up?

4. We have herds of wild turkeys that go through our yard each day. Today dad and I stopped counting at 100 and said at that point it was just "too many." And really - it is. It was funny when there were like 5-10 out there, but this is just crazy. And you know what? They're mean birds. I don't know what Franklin was thinking when he wanted to make them the national bird. Mom or Dad will throw out a cup of corn for them and they will attack each other over a piece of corn. I mean, I get survival of the fittest and all that - but let me tell you, these birds are FAT fit. They're ugly too. And they flood our yard every.stinkin'.day.

5. Me, Sam, and Neely are in cahoots (best.word.ever.) to come up with a blog challenge come February 1-14 (and possibly culminating in a swap!). Now, while it is Valentine's Day time, this will be for singles and takens alike, and will shy away from the squishy mushy stuff. But it will surely be fun, so be prepared!


  1. I am all for you doing a Music Monday!!!

  2. I love the idea of Just Another Music Monday too!

  3. You always have great music recommendations anyway, so the music prompt sounds fun!


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