Just Another Music Monday {Vol.1}

Monday, January 31, 2011

Because music is just way too important to my day-to-day life.
Because I love sharing music I love with others.
And because I LOVE getting recommendations for new music from others.
I present to you the first installment of "Just Another Music Monday"

In this edition: Make It Through The Week Mix

1. Brendan James - "The Lucky Ones" Talk about a motivational track for a Monday. Brendan James is close to my heart - both a NH native and UNC-CH alum; plus, he's just so darn talented.
2. Jason Aldean - "Country Boy's World" I lived in North Carolina for six years and developed a healthy love of [good] country music. This song makes me fall in love with this man every time I hear it. Brings me back to my Carolina days.
3. Maroon 5 - "Until You're Over Me" I've been listening to M5 since before they made it big. No joke. They opened for a local MatchboxTwenty concert before they even had their first CD out - and I ran and downloaded what I could and bought their first album when they were called "Kara's Flowers." This track? It's just the sound for a long Monday.
4. *NSync - "Bye Bye Bye" It's not a lie when I say Justin/JC/Joey/Lance/Chris dominated my childhood musical tastes. Whenever my iPod decides to shuffle itself over to them, my day is automatically better.
5. 3Oh!3 feat. Katy Perry "StarStrukk" Yeah, I'm a little late on the game with this song, but man it makes me want to dance. And that's hard to do on a Monday morning when I don't even want to get out of bed.
6. Ron Pope - "A Drop in the Ocean" A new find for this Monday. This song is simple, sweet, and amazing. Trust me.
7. Mandy Moore - "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week" I love her. Simple as that. And this is a kick-butt song for a Monday.
8. John Mayer - "War of My Life" I have a feeling Mr. Mayer may be a fixture on these playlists. I can't help it - that man can make a guitar sing. Lyrically I love this song - it's all about being on the verge of endless possibilities. You're always there, just need to make the choice.
9. Beach Boys - "Kokomo" Hands of those who would rather be on a tropical island right now? That's what I thought.
10. Relient K - "Manic Monday" You can't have a 'get through this week' mix without this song. However, I really really really love this version of the song. Happy Monday!

What's on your playlist this week?


  1. Here are my top ten most recently played-

    1. Free -Zac Brown Band and pretty much my current favorite song.

    2. How He Loves-David Crowder Band-my all time favorite song : )

    3. Firework-Katy Perry

    4. Empire State of Mind-Alicia Keys/JayZ

    5. Give in to Me-Garrett Hedlund with Leighton Meester

    6. Beautiful-Mercy Me

    7. You Are More-Tenth Avenue North

    8. Everything I Need-Kutless

    9. In the City-The Eagles

    10. Bad Day-Daniel Powter...it's old but I need a blue sky holiday : )

  2. I love this list! "The Lucky Ones" has been heavy on my playlist recently too! (And I need to dig that Mandy Moore song out of my files too!)


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