Painting The Roses Red

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So, yesterday:
- Latin Class
- Meet with Advisor

It wasn't the best of mornings, and
it wasn't the worst of mornings, either.
But, it really sucked.

Latin was fine,
(as it usually is)
but my advisor has decided that
all the work I did over break
(yeah, remember those long hours in Starbucks?)
were not useful, and therefore needs to be
redone in a new and, supposedly, "better" way.

Well, I guess that's grad school for you, right?
Have any of you out there in Grad School had similar experiences?

So, needless to say I was bummin' a bit on the way home.

So, I stopped first to get myself some mini-chocolate stuffed croissants from the cheap bakery type place that is all over Hungary (called "Princess"),
and seriously, they're the best things ever. Someday soon I will take a picture of them and their deliciousness, promise.

Then I stopped and bought myself some roses from the local florist.
Seriously, flowers automatically can make a bad day, a good day.
And, so can buying yourself small presents.

Then I got back to the dorm, vegged out for a little bit
and then decided to go to Bikram.
Best. Decision. Of. The. Day.

And God! was it hot in there this time - so, so, so humid.
But also so, so, so, amazing.
It was packed - the room was full of men & women,
sweating, stretching, yoga-ing.

Sometimes I still felt like this:

But, it was exactly what I needed after a day like that.
It got my mind back somewhere in my body.
I was so much better after I left than when I walked in.

I think I am going to make going at least 2-3 times a week
part of my routine, no matter what I have to do,
or how much work feels like it's piling up.
I need more "me" time this semester!

Have you guys tried Bikram?
If not, I totally recommend it.

Oh, and again:
Keep your eyes pealed
Sam, Neely, & I have a surprise!


  1. I'm glad your day turned around, sweets. :) I hate days like that, but your little gifts of baked goods, flowers and yoga would cure any bad day. I haven't tried Bikram yet, but I so want to. The only problem in our little area of New England is there aren't any studios less than an hour away. :( I'm still on the hunt though....

  2. I've been stressin' lately and your de-stressin' ideas are fabulous! Thanks so much for becoming a Rosebud!

  3. Stumbled onto your blog! Flowers and presents always make my days better!! I have never tried Bikram. Sounds like I'd need to be flexible!!


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