Thoughtless Thursday

Friday, January 14, 2011

This is a new link-up for me,
but I'm pretty sure it's perfect for me!
Seeing as I feel "thoughtless"
(and therefore extremely random)

I'm so through with doing work right now.
Not that my to-do list is done,
but rather,
I'm just over!it!

I'm pretty much giving up my weekend,
so that I can finally start worrying about this semester
(oh, and that pesky thesis, eventually).

I'm also over some things with this semester:
- overachievers, who are only brown-nosers in disguise
[seriously shut!up! no one wants to listen to your ignorant 'insights' in class,
and when you write 10 pages for a 3 page requirementyou just make the rest of us look bad]

- classes that don't teach anything, but pile on the work
[hint: if the teacher thinks it's a waste of particular students' time, don't make those students take that class]

- jet-lag
[seriously, i don't like going to bed at 4AM to get up at 9AM, in case you didn't know, I love to sleep.]

So for today,
in honor of being thoughtless,
I'll let others be smart for me:

and last, but not least,
my mantra for the weekend:

[all from weheartit]

(yes, I realize it's Friday,
but I wrote this and forgot to post it yesterday....)

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