All You Need Is Love {Day Two}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chaos Theory

First of all - thank you ALL so much for linking up!
Seriously! There are SO many of you -
while I was hoping, I wasn't expecting it.
You guys ROCK :)
I hope you're enjoying this as much as we are!

Day Two
When I'm Feeling Down, To Cheer Myself Up I {LOVE} To...

- buy myself some roses

- cook a really intricate and delicious dinner or dessert (it helps take the mind off whatever you're upset over when there are important directions to be followed)
- cuddle with Phoenix

- call and old friend for a nice, long talk
- have a nice, long talk with my parents
- read a book or watch a movie
- go for a run or to a gym class or fencing or Bikram (endorphins, they do a body good!)
- have a dance party in my room (music loud, crazy dancing)

How about you?
Link up, and let the world know :)

[images - except of phoenix - from weheartit]


  1. There is no way I can link it up to yours
    You have that copyright thing up

  2. I am so with you with that last one! Lisyening to music and singing and dancing always do the trick!

  3. I love that you buy yourself roses, that is awesome! :))

  4. I love that you buy yourself roses, such a great idea. Having fresh flowers around is always wonderful.!

  5. I love the buying roses. I need to start doing that.

  6. I love that you buy yourself roses. I may have to try that. :)

  7. Having a dance party would definitely cheer me up!

    & Firefly Lane is an amazing book so far! I have a little over 100 pages left to read but it is so hard to put it down!! It was a little slow at one point but don't stop reading!!

    Thanks for doing these link ups, they are fun!!

  8. ahh I never thought of buying myself roses! what a good idea!

  9. Love the list. I'm going to start buying myself flowers more often. I sure do love having them in my house, they always put me in a good mood. Thanks for doing this blog challenge, I'm loving it.

  10. Solo dance party! : ) I do that too!


  12. so glad to see that dance parties put you in a better mood, too!! they are definitely great for the soul :) love this challenge idea!! so glad i came across it!

    (new follower!)

  13. Flowers ALWAYS make a girl happy!

  14. I love that you buy yourself roses! Such a great idea :)

    Following you!

  15. Love the roses! And I totally agree-- snuggling with the cats or a chat with my parents, sister, or BFFs TOTALLY cheer me up when I'm feeling down!

  16. Dancing and flowers are a surefire way to put a smile on my face, too.


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