Blog Swap Recap Goodness

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So in February I participated in two awesome blog swaps!

Seriously - they were great.

Nothing makes your day brighter than real mail arriving for you to tear into and smile at and enjoy! Or at least, for me, nothing is better than that!

The First
For the "I heart accessories" blog swap I was paired with {av} from Long Distance Loving. She's from Rhode Island, which means that we've totally got the New England love going on :) Go, check out her blog - it's seriously awesome (make sure you read about her beautiful wedding!)! And man, did that girl pamper me! Se spoiled me so much! I love all of it! She totally got me in the vintage-ish, but eclectic and bright and crazy style that I love. I got a beautiful blue belt, a giant turquoise ring (which hasn't really left my hand yet...), and the most amazingly brightly colored necklace ever - I cannot wait for spring so I can pair it with some of my dresses!

The Second
For the "All You Need Is Love" blog swap that Sam and Neely and I put on I was paired up with Rachel from Dreaming of the Country. For this swap we said $15-20 and to just pamper your partner with love for Valentine's Day - things they love, things they might love, and lots and lots of fun! Rachel lives in Wales and has the sweetest blog ever. I was so excited when I opened up my package to find some of the best things ever! This girl had the best swap partner! I got a Welsh edition of Cosmo, Reeses PB Cups (if you know me at all, you know how excited those alone made me!), a daffodil scented candle, pretty pink nail polish, a gorgeous green stone bracelet, this hand painted bird&heart decoration (which is beautiful - the pictures don't do it justice), and a postcard from the town where Rachel lives! See! I'm spoiled!


  1. i love the accessories from your first blog swap! cute! i love the whole vintage-y look also =]]
    have a wonderful day!

  2. Such fun swaps!! Nice! Glad you got your Reese Cup fix!!

  3. That jewelry is awesome! And a daffodil candle?! Bet is smells soooo good!


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