Plenty To Be THANKful For {Blog Swap & Challenge}

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to announce an awesome Blog Giveaway & Challenge that me, Kristine, Meghan, and Sam are hosting!

We're super excited about this! The challenge will be awesome - we'll announce the topics for the challenge on Friday, November 9th. The challenge will run from November 14 - November 25 (But not on the weekend days) and then on the 28th we'll post a link for you to post the reveals of your swaps :)

As for the swaps!

Please sign up on the link below by November 8 - and post (blog, tweet, etc!) about it so we can get more people involved!

The limit is $20-5 (not including postage) and should include things you're THANKful for :) After the partners are posted come back, find the link to your partner's blog, get to know them (this is really the most fun part!) and then make sure to mail your package out by November 17.

If you send anything that's liquid - like nail polish, lotion, etc - please make sure to put it in a zip-loc bag or wrap it real well! :)

What are you waiting for? Sign up now :)


- Courtney, Kristine, Meghan, Sam

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