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Sunday, September 30, 2012


The weather in Coastal Maine has, for lack of a better term, sucked over the past few days. It has been misting, pouring, or threatening to pour nonstop for the past three days. And, on top of that, the forecast has it being pretty much the same for the next five days. I don't mind rain. But 5-8 days straight can wear at my nerves. Particularly because the work I do these days involves having kids outside for most of the day. When it rains? We still take them outside - and most of them think they're too cool for a raincoat or rain boots. Soaked, cold kids are never happy. 

I think there's still some residual Seasonal Affective Disorder lingering in my brain from the winters in Budapest. Grey days make me sad and cranky. So, basically? I want my bright, cool, and crisp autumn days back, Mother Nature! 

Buying Books Locally

I am all for supporting local stores. I'm also all for supporting real book stores. I really hope we never become a society where all reading/publications appear in an electronic format. I refuse to get a Nook/Kindle/whatever (much to my mother's attempts to persuade me otherwise). I love real books. I love turning pages. It's just who I am and what I do.

However, today I went to the local bookstore in the town near where I work to buy the new JK Rowing book (A Casual Vacancy, for those who are living under a rock and haven't heard she's published her "first book for adults"). It's $35, for those of you at home who are wondering. Which is quite a lot for a book. Especially when I know that I could buy said book at a Barnes & Noble for much less when you factor in the fact I'm a member (10% discount), it's a new book (automatic 30%-40% off sticker), and I have a B&N coupon (20% off). But, I'd have to wait about two weeks until I'd be home to get my hands on it, and obviously I couldn't wait. Because I love books and I love JKR and I'm supporting an awesome local business. 

But really, $35 for a hardback book? 

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