A Thankful HodgePodge

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I've been telling myself for weeks - maybe even months - that I would do another Wednesday HodgePodge with Joyce (from This Side of the Pond - a lovely lady I "met" through this very blog when I became an expat in Hungary for two years. She was an expat herself and therefore we have had a lot to discuss. Plus, she's just a super sweet lady, and you should all go visit her blog and participate in the HodgePodge!). So, here we go, it's about time!

1. Turkey: Love it or Leave it? White or Dark? What about leftovers?

I love turkey on Thanksgiving (and Christmas, too!),
and I'm totally a white meat person - the dark just doesn't taste quite right.
And, leftovers? They're totally the best part!
Who doesn't love a Thanksgiving sandwich the day after -
turkey, stuffing, cranberry? It's the bee's knees!

2. Run a 10K or climb a mountain - day after Thanksgiving?

Seeing as I spent the summer doing this,
and I'm in NO shape to run a 10K  right now,
I'll take "Climb A Mountain" for 1000.

3. Have all these social networks made your relationships better or worse?

This is tricky.
I've stayed in touch 
(and reconnected, for that matter)
with a lot of people that I don't think I would have otherwise
because of social networking.

But the quality of some relationships?
Not nearly as good as if they were reliant on 
more personal forms of communication.

I wish more people would write letters,
or pick up the phone,
or drive an extra hour,
and be together.

4. How do you find and/or express gratitude in your life?

Not nearly well enough.
I always try to say "thank you" when one is merited,
but is that really enough?

There are things I am thankful for everywhere,
from the place I live,
to the people I know,
 to the work I do,
to the things I am able to do
(both physically and financially and more),
to the places I am able to go,
to so much more.

How do you say,
or express,
or show,
thankfulness for that?

It's something I need to work on.

5. All things Black Friday

The fact people started camping out last Friday
just goes to show how crazy our culture has become.

I shop in person,
but you probably won't see me out this friday.

6. What Black item in your wardrobe is your favorite?

I honestly have no idea.
Maybe my Carolina Fencing fleece? 
It's black and I wear it a lot.

7. What do you appreciate about your life today?


But if you're going for something more specific:

I am thankful for how close I live to my parents
and how often I am able to see them and talk to them.
As an only child, and a daughter,
and a child in general,
my parents mean the world to me 
and I am beyond thankful
for the amazing relationship I have with them.

I'm a really lucky kid.

8. Random Thoughts

I just bought this sweatshirt:


Proceeds (100% of them) go to help Sandy Relief Efforts,
and it's a pretty cool company and a pretty cool shirt.
I'm excited to get it, 
and to know that, in a little way, I was able to help.

Source: 4shared.com via Roxanne on Pinterest


  1. So fun so see you back in the Hodgepodge today! Gosh, some days that life feels so far away, doesn't it. I hold on tightly to the memory though.

    Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! I have two ways about social networking too! I do love the fact i get to keep in touch with friends who live far away and long lost family members.
    BUT there are people who don't really want to talk to you or who like to post stuff you don't want to see on the feed.. I like twitter and instagram much better than FB.

  3. I found you and I actually have you in my reader! I when Adam Sandler sings, thanks for posting the video. My husband would have turkey every week if I would make it! We now have deep dish Chicago pizza on Christmas so I don't have to spend the day in the kitchen. We order them special from Taste of Chicago. I won't be out on Friday, I'll be working on my trees. Cute hoodie!


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