Learning to Run

Monday, November 26, 2012

Okay, this is me trying to find a way to hold myself accountable. I am trying to get myself to be a runner. I also know my limitations - I've trained my whole life in sports that don't endear themselves towards long-distance running. Fencing? Dancing? They're all about short bursts of an immense amount of energy. So, setting out a goal of running a half marathon? Not likely for me. I'd rather set out a goal that I might be able to attain. I want to be able to run a 5K. Once I get there I can reevaluate further goals, but right now I want to set that as my goal.

You see, I need an outlet for my energy. I need to have something to do for myself each day. If I can take 30 minutes a day and go on a run - get out of my head, get out on my feet - I know I will feel a whole lot better this winter. Which is really the point. If you remember my last two winters in Budapest? Miserable. And while the winters in New England are nothing like the winters over there, the residual blahs that come with the grey days of winter still get to me. So, running? The endorphins? The energy? That's my solution, or at least that's the first solution I'm going to try out. I also want to get healthy again - I miss my college days of hours of sweating in a gym doing something I enjoyed - working out didn't feel like working out then. I guess that's what I miss - I want to work out and have it feel like not working out. Is that even possible anymore?

So, this past week while I was at home I went to the gym a few times and worked on the Couch 2 5K program - and it felt great. When I started to feel like I wanted to slow down, I pushed myself a little faster and would run an extra ten or so seconds. I am going to make this happen. Hopefully I don't have to run outside any this winter though. Maine is going to be cooooold.

Any running suggestions or support out there? You guys are always great for that sort of thing!

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