Hodgepodging Through the (LACK OF) Snow

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I know I already posted once today - and it's been crazy that I've even posted at all this week with my diminishing record of actually updating this blog in any sort of predictable fashion - but, I can't let another Wednesday go by without a Hodgepodge with Joyce! 

Hopefully after all these PhD applications are out (and that process, my friends, deserves a post all on its own!) I can get back to some sort of regular posting. 

So, without any more fluff, away we go!

1. Last walk in woods? Beach? Drive in car for no reason?

One of the nice things about working/living in the Middle-of-Nowhere-Maine is that walks in the woods are a common thing. And I love them. Especially when I take some time just to myself to walk and be quiet and enjoy. 

2. Christmas Cards?

Yep. Not as many as some years, but still sending. Which reminds me...anyone want one? I'll need your address! (courtneyschaostheory@gmail.com)

3. Word You've Heard Too Much?

I'll have to agree with Joyce... Fiscal Cliff. Ugh. 

4. National Cocoa day! Thoughts?

I LOVE coco with whipped cream or marshmellows. Starbucks makes a particular favorite of mine - get it with the Cinnamon Dolce? Delish! 

5. How to deal with the Hecticness of Christmas?

Christmas music, reading in front of a fire, and trying to remember what it's really about: Peace, Joy, Love, and Forgiveness. 

6. Other than jewelry, what do you own that sparkles that you love?

A sparkly tanktop. As pictured here:


7. Favorite Carol Lines?

Traditional: The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn (Oh! Holy Night!)

Non-Traditional: Lookin' back on childhood days, can't believe my foolish ways, thought that Christmas only came from a store (I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas, *NSync)

8. Random thought:

Have you read my post from yesterday? I really enjoyed writing that one so here's a shameless plug to get you to read it. The short: I worked at a camp with Vietnam Veterans last week and it was a profound and amazing experience. It  was so nice to have someone finally welcome them home over 40 years after the worst experience of their lives. So, read that and then make sure to say thank you to a Veteran. 


  1. Love your sparkly top...it would be so cute to wear to a Christmas party!

  2. Love that sparkly top! And the shout out to N'Sync : )

  3. Love your sparkly tank top, very cute.
    I have not had cocoa from Starbucks, I will have to try it. I do love their Raspberry Lemonade Tea, it is Awesome!


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