New Blog Design!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Though it went up last night, I wanted to make sure that I drew special attention this morning to the amazing new blog design my friend Kristen of Ladybug-Blessings created for me. 

I am seriously in love with this new design. The old one - one I found for free to replace an even older design that I had tried to piece together myself - was just too chaotic for me. Ironic, right? It was too chaotic for Chaos Theory. I guess even I have my limits!  And this? This is simple, easy to navigate, and just so fun

So THANK YOU Kristen. This is seriously more than I could have ever dreamed up myself! To the rest of you, go visit her blog - show her some love. It's a cute blog, full of handmade awesomeness, fun conversations, and just a lot of fun. Really, Kristen is just that amazing and so, so talented. 


  1. Courtney, thank you for following Carole's Chatter. I have followed you right back. You will get an email in a day or 2 about the next edition of Books You Loved. Hope to see you link up then. Happy New Year!

  2. yay! Court I am SO GLAD you love it!! I love how it turned out too!! :)


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