Monday, January 14, 2013

I went to my first ever Zumba class on Thursday evening. 

I've been hesitant (and really, for the last six months at least I've been pretty far from any place that might even offer a legitimate Zumba class). I've been a dancer since my first Ballet class at age three. What happens if you go to a gym class, a class based entirely on dancing, and you can't keep a beat? Even with 20+ years of dance experience? What if everyone laughs at you? What if you look like this:

Fortunately, Zumba is nothing like that. I mean, I probably looked like that cat for about half the class. But I blame that on the lack of knowing the routines rather than lack of pure Zumba dance talent. Right? I mean, I can dance. I just don't know the steps yet. 

Source: google.com via Samantha on Pinterest

I swear. No one looked like Jim Carrey in that class. Promise. Had there been water pouring down the stage the instructor was on, I swear she would look like that first picture. Talk about inspiration. A good instructor with Zumba (I assume), like most things, can make all the difference. And this instructor was amazing. AMAZING. She was hilarious, engaging, and fun. And she looked the part - in shape, happy, and loving what she was doing. I couldn't really ask for more.  

I LOVED this class. Seriously. I was sweating my butt off. My legs still ache. I felt so good during the class and after. And I had so much fun. SO MUHC. You can't ask much more from a class - I didn't even realize I was working out until I left. It was that good.

Do you Zumba? Have you ever tried? Do you love it? How can I get better?!

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