Welcome to the HodgePodge!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome to the HodgePodge!
No fooling around, let's get going!

1. When were you last facing the ocean? One word to describe that feeling?
It's been way too long. This past summer, probably? 
It's always too long since I've been to the ocean.
It's the most amazing place in the world for me,
I recharge there, find happiness, and just relax.

One Word: Peace

2. Three sounds you hate to hear?

Kids cussing just to be cool.
Any abnormal noise coming from my car.
People chewing with their mouths open.

3. Try things on in store or buy it and try it on at home?

I try on in-store.
I find it stops me from spending a lot of my money.

4. Pistachios? What say you?

First of all..there's a national pistachio day?

I don't, generally, like any nuts.
But I have weird quirks,
for example I hate peanuts, but cannot survive without peanut butter.

Similar with pistachios:
I hate pistachio nuts but love pistachio ice cream and pistachio cake.

Weird, I know.

5. When did you last compromise with someone? Do you like it?

I think life is better with compromise.
I mean, I love to get my way as much as the next gal, but still.

Compromise means collaboration,
which is a great thing for this world. 

Last time? 
Probably last week working Winter Camp,
you always have to compromise with small people.

6. Have you ever written to an elected official.

I think in elementary school I wrote to Socks,
the Clinton's cat,
and I'm pretty sure he wrote me back.

That counts, right?

7. Something in March to make you smile?

Back to my camp/school/work!
I am so excited for everyone to come back together.
I've missed my friends!

8. Random Fact
I've become obsessed with gifs.
I don't know if you noticed my last two posts.
They're just great, great ways to punctuate a point.
Both serious or whimsical.
But, seriously?
These are way too fun.
I need to be careful about how much I use them,
that whole too much of a good thing thing.


Also, guys?

Thank you so much for your sweet comments
on my post yesterday about Grad School crud.
Even though things are anxiety laden these days for me
it's really nice to know that a sweet group of people
(most of whom I've never met)
have my back when I'm feeling a little down.

You all rock.
Hard core.



  1. Ha-writing the President's cat counts I guess : ) Probably way less frustrating than writing an actual poitician!

  2. #2. I hear you about the car noises! Mine has recently started making this rattling sound as soon I turn on the engine, something in the vents I think. Fortunately it stops after a few minutes.

    #8. I'm obsessed. I love "whatshouldwecallme" and "allmyfriendsaremarried". Always good for a laugh.

  3. Oh yes, car noises are no fun at all!
    Yes I believe writing to Socks counts.

  4. Compromise means collaboration; I like that!

    Cats are very good with correspondence!


Thank you all so much for your comments! I'm only happy when I have comments. Really. You are contributing to my future happiness right now! XOXO