What a LOVEing HodgePodge

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, it's Wednesday again,
and you know what that means...

1. What's your deal with Lent this year?

I am giving up (like last year): soda
I am giving up (new this year): buying new books

The second one is going to be a really hard one. I can sense it already.
But, thankfully, there aren't any books coming out
in this time frame that I can't live without.
I think.

2. Pancakes?

For the most part I love pancakes.
Homemade with syrup.
Chocolate chip, blueberry, banana, or plain.
Sausage on the side, please.

3. What's one love song you really love?

Silly Love Songs
by Paul McCartney

But, I also really love the Glee version.

4. What are some things you do to let those you love know you love them?

I'm a big proponent of words: you have to tell people you love them.
But you also have to show them too.
It's the combination of words and actions that proves something.

So, for me? It's little things:
- shoveling out someone's car from 3 feet of snow
- sending a card in the real mail
- making a call instead of sending a text
- listen (actually listen)
- encourage dreams and hopes
- and so, so, so many more

5. What color roses? And what flowers would you love to see on your doorstep tomorrow?

I love really odd colored roses.
Beautiful things set in a way that is unusual to their normal beauty.

As for favorite flower?
Give me something alive,
something that can last for a long while.
Lilies, Daffodils, etc.
Something bright and happy that smells amazing.
Okay? Thanks.

6. What presidential homestead would you be interested in touring?

Any sort of history is interesting to me
and I eat it up.
History MA, remember?

I've been to: The White House and both Washington and Jefferson's homestead.

Where else would I like to go?
All and any.
But I'll start with Hyde Park.

7. Are you good at keeping secrets?

Depends on the secret and why I'm being asked to keep it.

Surprise parties? Gifts? News? Etc?
You bet I'll keep that one
(though I'll be antsy and dancing around with excitement
because I love a good surprise!)

Bad secrets?
Abuse? Self harm? Etc?
You bet I'll probably be telling someone that can help.
The person may be royally ticked off at me in the now
and we may never reconcile a friendship,
but I'll be glad that I did that good and loving act of friendship for them
for the rest of my life.

8. Random Thought:

a) Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday on the cover music post. And all the music suggestions - I love music suggestions. Keep suggesting!

b) re: The Email
Got another crappy email in the inbox last night. 
Looks like I won't be moving to New Jersey either.
I wanted to write another post ("The Email, Pt. 2")
but realized it's just basically me having a pity party for myself.
Tiny violins and all that.

But, I can't let it be that big of a deal with every email
(though, rest assured if/when I get a good email there will be a post)
because it's already hard enough for me to deal with academic rejection.
So, instead my mantra is going to be:
what's supposed to happen, will happen;
let go and jus let it happen.


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers, Courtney...glad you could play along with us! I'm your newest follower! :)

  2. Ahh, shoot-I didn't know NJ was in the running. It's ridiculously expensive here...there's something better out there for sure! Don't lose hope.

    I'm going to be interested to see how the book thing goes for you : ) That will be challenging, but at least there are still libraries. I see what's coming out, then check to see if its on order at my library. You can reserve books that have yet to be released within a certain time period which is nice.

  3. I have a closet full of new books. I love buying them but seldom take time to read them. That's a beautiful rose! I agree, some bad secrets must be told.


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