TToT: Musically Speaking

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I missed my Ten Things on Thursday last week because I was so busy. I don't often schedule posts ahead of time, because, well, I just don't. So, it got sucked by the wayside as I enjoyed my last day working in the school I was at. It was such a lovely bittersweet day, and it was nice to enjoy the day without worrying about the blog. 

But, it's Thursday, and this week I'm back on track! 

So, this week? 

TEN THINGS on THURSDAY: Musically Speaking

1. Fun. Singing Lady Antebellum - I've posted this before, but seriously? It makes me so insanely happy that I play it on repeat. For at least 4 or 5 replays. I just cannot get enough of it. It's the perfect Lady A song, and I love them singing it (I also play them on repeat), but there is just something about the way Fun. put it together. And I just love Nate Ruess's voice.

2. Between Middle School and High School I played 3 Instruments - Flute. Trumpet. Drums. Played can be interpreted loosely. Especially with drums. Flute I knew pretty well. Trumpet was self-taught. Drums were a passing fancy taken up with my best friend (who liked a boy who played drums. go figure). But I wish I had learned them better - any remaining knowledge of the drums comes out when I'm rocking out in my car. 

3. I sing in the car - Like really sing in the car. Yep. That's me, a New England Girl belting out some random pop song, rapping away, drumming on the wheel. I can't help it. I love music. I love singing along to songs that I love. It helps pass the time pretty well too. 

4. I want to learn to play the guitar and the piano - They're just beautiful instruments to listen to. I am completely enamored with watching others play them. I just worry I wouldn't be able to do them justice. 

5. I love to dance because I love getting differently aquatinted with the music - Ballet for 13 years (until Fencing took over my life) and then ballroom dancing after I graduated college. Both taught me unique ways to let the music get under your skin and move you. Emotionally. Physically. It's just a beautiful process. And I miss it. 

Fun Fact: I took a ballroom lesson with Corky Ballas. Cha-Cha in particular. And the Waltz, if I'm not mistaken. Yes, the dad of that guy on Dancing With the Stars. Come to think of it? Corky has been on the show a time or two, right? And yes, he is that quirky and hilarious in person. But he is tough when he thinks/knows you can do something better. It was quite the experience. Sigh again. I miss ballroom so much.

6. This song is amazing and haunting and beautiful - The dance (from So You Think You Can Dance) is equally as wonderful:

PS. For the most part? I think SYTYCD is pretty darn amazing at how they take a dance and fuse it so seamlessly to a song. I know the point of the show is to make someone into an all around dancer, but asking a classically trained ballet dancer to pop & lock? And expect it to be anything better than just okay? That's a little crazycakes to me. But, sometimes, when they get the right pair of dancers, with the right song, choreographer, and music? It can be breathtaking.

7. I think John Mayer is brilliant - I don't care about his personal life. At all. Who he's dating? Doesn't interest me (unless it's me I know better than that, you guys! don't worry) even a little bit. If he can keep making albums like the last few he's produced? Particularly Born & Raised? I will love him forever. I could listen and watch him play the guitar for hours and never get bored. There's just something about his passion for the music he produces. It's about producing something raw and creating a masterpiece from it. He's musically intoxicating.

This newest album of his? It's perfection. Exhibit A:

8. I'm getting annoyed with Justin Timberlake - I really, really hate to admit this one. As an ongoing NSync fan, it pains me to my core to confess this. But, this man is so full of himself. Seriously.

But part of me still (and always will) loves him. I mean, you can take the girl out of the 90s but... Well, you know how that goes. But, his new album? It's pretty darn good (especially if you pretend he's singing to you and not Jessica Biel...). I caved and bought it at Target (hey! why not get 2 free extra songs for less than the regular album at Best Buy?). I am just holding out hope that his career will tank enough that a NSync reunion tour has to happen.

I just wish he would sing in his regular voice more and a falsetto less. He has a beautiful voice and he hides it so much. Sigh. And why are all of his songs over 7 minutes? Can someone explain that to me?

But it's hard to be anything even close to mad at him when he goes and does things like this:

9. I have loved Maroon 5 for ages - They opened up for Matchbox Twenty back in the day while I was in High School. And? I almost loved them more than I loved Rob Thomas. Songs About Jane hadn't even been released yet. They were barely just being known as Maroon 5 rather than Kara's Flowers (I own that CD too - and love it). And I still love them to this day. Songs About Jane is probably still my favorite album of theirs, but Hands All Over comes pretty darn close. Overexposed is pretty good too, but they're getting a little far from their roots...

In an interesting side note, they're actually what started my love for John Mayer. I got free tickets to a JM show where M5 was opening - and I was given the tickets because a friend of mine had extra tickets and knew I loved M5. I had no interest in staying after M5 packed up to sit around and watch JM. At all. We ended up staying for JM because, well? When he plays live, it's something else.

10. I rarely listen to the radio - I'm CDs and my iPod all the way. I have no idea how I stay current with my music this way, but it works! And songs rarely get ruined for me. So, yay! 

What about you? Any fun music facts in your life? Talk to me people! 


  1. I really really loved this post! Music is such a big part of my life and I truly adore every band/artist you mentioned here! Need to go and listen to Justin Trousersnake's new album for complete nostalgia sake.

  2. I love Lady A too...they have such a lot of talent. I love We Owned the Night but Dancing Away with My Heart makes me feel 18 again. Rob Thomas makes my top ten faves of all time. Also Maroon 5-Adam L's voice is just insane.


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