I Love That Dirty Water

Monday, April 22, 2013

I've been thinking a lot since last Monday about the events that took place in Boston. Did I even want to write about them? How do you write about something that is so terrible and so close to home? What could I say that hasn't been said already? How can I, even on this tiny little place on the internet, do any sort of justice to what happened and the aftermath that rattled my part of the country to its core? 

But to not write about it, to not address it, is to ignore what happened. And I can't do that. Especially when everything that happened hit so close to home for me.

I grew up in New Hampshire. I've been to Boston more times than I can count or even remember. Boston is so much more to New England than just a city. Boston is our home. Boston houses the teams that represent our whole region. They may be The Boston Red Sox, but they're our New England team. The New England Patriots are our football team. The Celtics are our basketball team. The Bruins are our hockey team. 

That city is our city.

Boston is a popular destination for graduates who grew up in New England and are looking to get away from the country. I have friends that live there and work there. I have friends who were running or watching the marathon. Friends who are first responders. Friends who work at the hospitals in the area. 

This bombing and ensuing tragedies were right in my backyard. 

My heart is so heavy right now with the weight of everything that has happened. So full of sadness for the lives lost and the futures that have been altered. So unable to understand the motives or the reasoning that could have spurred such events to occur. 

But then, at the same time, there has been so much positive that has come out of this tragedy. So many moments that make me believe that in the face of tragedy we can stand strong together, love each other, and not be broken.

Moments like these: 

You can't help but get goosebumps listening to the voices of the people of Boston come together to rejoice in living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are not just strong, we are BOSTON STRONG.

I have watched my city and my region band together in the strongest of forces to try and right some of what was wronged. The unity shown for our city and our people - it was an amazing thing to watch unfold. People came forward and helped each other and supported each other. First responders were treated with the honor, respect, and dignity they deserve. So much support has been raised for everyone affected by the tragedy. Compassion and care and love were all flowing in abundance in Boston, New England, and The United States as a whole. 

It has been truly amazing and awe inspiring to watch my city - a city that so often has a reputation for rudeness - band together in strength, compassion, and love.

'Cause I love that dirty water,
Oh, Boston, you're my home. 

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