2013 Bookish Review & Looking Ahead

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Here's the short of it: the only challenge I completed this year was my Goodreads Challenge. 

All the rest fell by the wayside and were slightly abandoned. I wanted to do them, really, but something(s) just kept getting in my way. And, if we're being honest here (and of course I am) in the end reading a book, any book, was more important to me than trying to read a specific book for a specific challenge. Because, if that had been my focus there would have been a much larger amount of times when I wasn't  reading. The pressure, it seems, was just too much for me this year. I did manage to complete about half of each challenge I set out for, though. So, that's pretty good. 

So, yes, I read. And I read a lot. 50 books is a lot of books. 

And it's the reading that matters in the end, right? Right. 

So, this year I will try again. 

And I will try to get up those 10ish reviews I still have to finish too. Promise. 

50 more books for Goodreads. I was going to up it again, but really 50 was a bit of a challenge for me this year (I literally finished my 50th book the evening of New Years Eve). Maybe if I hadn't had that 3 month summer hiatus where I simply could not get my nose into a book for the life of me it would have been different, who knows. But, there's no reason to stress myself out this year. We'll go for 50 again. And if I go over? Bravo for me!

And then I'm trying the TBR Pile Challenge again. Because I really need to work on reading those books I already own. So, I'm gonna put a little more effort into this one this year. I also did not make up half my list with books over 600 pages. Maybe a less intimidating reading list will be useful? 

And then in an effort to spend less money on books I'm gonna try to be a more frequent patron of my library. So, I joined the I Love Library Books Challenge, but kept it simple with a goal of  6 books. This should be easy (I hope). Maybe I'll up that one.  

Finally, for fun, I decided to join the I Read Banned Books Challenge. Because, well, why not? It's something I've always wanted to make an effort to do. But to keep my reading levels stress free I signed up for 5 books which have been banned or challenged. Wahoo! Bring on the controversies! 

What about you guys out there in the world? What are your reading goals for this year? Anything good on your TBR list?


  1. I found it hard to read for the entire summer. I hope you get your goal met this year! 50 is a lot!

  2. Good luck on all of your challenges. Anytime I try to sign up for a challenge I read pretty much any book except one that counts for the challenge.

  3. Those are some great challenges, good luck completing them all! I might do a Banned Book Challenge next year, I didn't want to overwhelm myself this year haha! I really love the premise though!! I'm doing the TBR Pile Challenge and Book Bingo Challenge + my own reading goals. I'm really excited about the new year!


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