When Technology Gods Strike

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You guys?

Grad school is exhausting.

Actually physically and mentally exhausting.

All the time.

Sometime soon I plan on sitting down and writing a real post where I outline what the next year entails for me in this PhD program (short version: 200 books read by next June or September, depending on how fast I read) and what that has meant for my daily life (short version: bed around midnight, up by 7).

Honestly, I am going to make some time for the update of all updates.

But, for now?

For now I need a moment to vent. Serious venting. Something that I rarely (if ever?) do, but right now I'm so past frustrated at the technology gods. So, venting is necessary.


So, I'm in the middle of writing a grant application - you know, so I can afford to live in a city on my own for the next few years. And it has been eating up all of my time and brain power (seriously, I am pretty sure I go to bed every night in some state of brain-dead-mush) and every last bit of emotional sanity I have left.

These things are not for the faint of heart my friends!

And tonight all of my iProducts decide they NEED!TO!BE!UPDATED! Because, you know Apple recently updated everything to do with their products (except for their desktops, we have to wait a few months for the update for that which in itself is causing me tremendous heartbreak - apparently you lose the ability to sync between a desktop and your other devices until that new software is on your computer. So now I can't integrate all my devices like I was able to prior to the updates. UGH!).

So, the iPhone, the iPad, and the desktop all decide to do their thing. And in the process my iPad decides it wants to play some sort of awful game and deletes everything out of my Pages folder. Including this one document I had been slaving away over for a few hours.

Fortunately everything else was backed up a bazillion places, but this document hadn't uploaded to the cloud yet because of the mass electronics updates going on Chez Courtney. So, yes it could have been a lot worse if I had lost all my PhD work so far - so, thank God for that one.

But still! That one document? It's the one that has been causing me the most stress. And I had to start from scratch. After having it almost to complete perfection. So I've spent the last few hours rewriting it and trying not to dissolve in a mess of sloppy, ugly tears over what could have been a much bigger catastrophe.

If you're wondering, that document is done - and probably a whole lot better than the one I had lost was going to be. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself now. Because otherwise I would be a whole lot more grumpy than I was.

If y'all need me you can find me curled up in a ball taking deep breaths and a  nap (or eight).

Technology, guys.


Most of the time I love it, but right now I'm ready to retreat into a hermitage in the woods where all I need is the sunshine and a cup of coffee.

How are you guys all doing on the technological front?

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