Wishful Wednesday: Hairday

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

So, I thought I'd try this one out..."Wishful Wednesdays" this week seemed appropriate, "I wish I had___'s hair style!"... as I'm getting my hair dyed on Friday morning. Yes, just before I leave the country, so if it isn't all that, at least it will fade overseas. Ha! What's even funnier, is I'm dying my hair darker (I mean, I've done lighter, and red - and this summer will probably try blonde for the first time, but never darker) and the person whose hair I want?

Taylor Swift.

As someone with bone straight and fine hair, her blonde bouncy curls make me so envious every time I see her or hear her on the radio. Oh Taylor, if I could only have 1/3 of your curls I'd be so happy!


  1. I am so glad you played!!! Isn't it fun :) haha

    Taylor Swift does have some gorgeous curls, but I bet she hated them at one point in her life.

  2. I love Taylor's curls! They are always so pretty and look so unprocessed from product.

  3. I love her curls! I think that if I had her hair that I would always wish it was straight as a board!

  4. I love Taylor's curls! I've got naturally straight hair as well, and while it's starting to hold a curl for longer, it takes about an hour and a half to do my whole head. I'd rather just trade with Taylor, thanks. :p

  5. Thanks for commenting about my sweet kitty. I CANNOT imagine losing any pet after 33 years....my heart goes out to your mom and family. I always said that Mason was going to live forever. I wish he had. Hopefully your Phoenix will!!!


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