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Sunday, January 10, 2010

So, here I am back in the Zurich airport. It's much too cold to venture outside into the city again even though I have 5 hours of nothing to do (I packed my coat in the checked luggage so I wouldn't leave it on the airplane). I figured I'd waste some time on the internets, considering I spent a whole bunch of money for 24 hours of it (the only increment you could buy) so I could call home and let the parentals know I landed safe.

I slept through most of the flight, only really woke up when we hit a patch of turbulence. Turbulence doesn't bother me much, when I was smaller and didn't really understand the concept of "plane crash" I used to find it fun. But waking up to it/because of it freaks me out a little. Part of my brain does the "oh crap! the plane is falling!" and the other part of my brain does its best to calm the first part down. The food was good and the nap was much needed, though I'm still exhausted now.

It's still beautiful in Switzerland. It's a different Zurich out the window though. Everything is snow covered and beautiful in a way that only snow can cleanse a landscape. I kind of wish I could go play in the city, but as it's Sunday everything is probably closed and again, cold. I'm thinking of getting some people together and coming out here to go snowboarding sometime this winter anyways, so I'll get my fill of Switzerland. I mean, why be in Europe in the winter if you can't go to the Swiss Alps and partake in it?

Okay, I should probably actually work on one of the two papers I have left to write. Otherwise I'll fall asleep and miss my flight (though, there is a good chance writing this paper will make me fall asleep too).



  1. Safe travels!

    The French Alps are nice too : ) We love Chamonix...beautiful!

  2. Sleeping on flights is the best!! Thank goodness you can!


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