Wishful Wednesday: Let's Take A Walk

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

I'm growing to really enjoy Wednesdays for these things! This week we've been asked - if you had the opportunity to spend 3 minutes in someone else's shoes, who would it be, and why? This is a TOUGH one. Three minutes is enough time to get a glimpse of their thoughts, a frame in a movie of their life, a brief chance to get outside of your own head. It's also not enough time to really do anything while you're there - no major decisions could be made, no deep conversations to be held, heck barely enough time to take a quick walk around their house!

So, after much thought and soul-searching, I've made my decision. It's one which is completely frivolous and has no greater impact on the world and politics. It's nothing that would give me any greater insight into the human condition. It's really, really all just for fun.

So, who is it?

*Swoon* Now, I know he's got the reputation for being quite the ass and a womanizer. But I'm not ashamed; I love John Mayer despite all the bad PR surrounding him. I could listen to him sing and play me the blues for hours (heck, who am I trying to kid here? days! weeks! months! whatever!) on end. There is something just so calming about a man and the guitar.

Now, what would I do with my 3 minutes (assuming I wouldn't just stare at myself in the mirror for the whole time)?

* Freak out (seriously, you know you would too, 15 seconds)
* Program my number into speed dial on his phone. What? He'd either delete it, or call it out of curiosity. (30 seconds, assuming no errors)
* Write a note to "myself" reminding "me" to call Courtney. Making sure to list all possible positive attributes. (30 seconds)
* Rock out on one of his Fender guitars (assuming I've inherited his skills for my time, 1 minute)
* Take pictures (assuming my camera made the voyage with me, 15 seconds)
* Browse cd/record collection (30 seconds)

I know it's not the most humanitarian of me, nor is it anything that is particularly exciting. But, who knows, I could end up with a phone call and someone to finally teach me how to play the blasted guitar!

Crap, if I ever do meet him - can someone remind me to delete this post? Just in case?


  1. I love him. He is the man of my dreams besides my husband. Ha!

  2. I love your choice! And what you would do with your time :)

    I hope you have a very blessed and wonderful Wednesday!


  3. haha! Great post! Yes...he is a hottie!!! Good choice :)

  4. I think John Mayer is a great choice. I imagine behind all the negative PR, what kind of life does he really lead?

    His new CD is definitely awesome, though, and in repeat on the IPod at the moment. :)

  5. That's great! Love your post. Good choice...I am still trying to decide...

  6. I love that you posted what you would do in those three minutes. I would just sing to myself ha ha

  7. haha love it! He is f-ing hot!!!

  8. Great choice!! I could listen to him sing for hours too!

  9. Great choice! I love John Mayer!

  10. LOL! That was straight up awesome, loved your post. You're too funny, I loved the fact that you'd program yourself into his phone- too brilliant! :)

  11. Okay, so you are more creative than I ever thought! SOOOOO, start helping me come up with future topics. Love it!!!

  12. Hahaha! Cute post could you program my number in there too ha!

  13. I LOVE this choice!!!! Well done, I am a new follower found you through Kelsey!


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