Wishful Wednesday: I Hope You Don't Mind

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Ah, Wednesday. You must be my most creative day of the week (I assume this is because it's the weekday I get to sleep in the latest!).

This week for Wishful Wednesday Kelsey over at The Seatle Smiths is asking us which Grammy's performance we wish could have been us. A tricky one yet again for me, seeing as I haven't watched the Grammy's! Being abroad makes you so reliant on YouTube and the internets to watch all the awesome (read: gratuitous) outpourings of pop culture in our dear, dear country.

So, needless to say, I haven't watched all the performances. I wasn't wowed by many I watched the singers I was interested in seeing perform. Taylor kinda let me down, her voice was shaky and pitchy and I am not that big of a fan of her new song (Oh Taylor, it was bound to happen wasn't it?). Lady Antebellum was classy as usual, and I love them, but it wasn't something I'll remember down the road (plus, did you see that curtain hit her? She never even missed a note!). So I've picked one that I assume many will probably pick just because of simply how AMAZING it really was.

You're probably asking yourself: "Seriously Courtney, get on with it."

Well, THIS one of course!

I'm gonna say, with a performance like that I really, really think she was robbed of Album of the Year. Taylor is awesome and all that, and I really adore her. But for me, Album of the Year belongs to not the person who sold the most records or the most bedsheets with their face on them. For me, Album of the year belongs to the person who challenges the music scene. Someone who is innovative with their musical talent. Someone who makes other artists reevaluate their own music and allows the whole world of music to take a step forward. Gaga, in all her craziness and fashion statements, does just that. She's talented, innovative, and puts one one hell of a show.

This performance was amazing. It was bright and flashy. It had a story. It had dancing. It had pop singing. It had sit down and play the piano-ing. This is a performance I'll think back on a bunch. (okay, yes I wish I was Gaga. I wish I could get away with wearing those clothes. I wish I could walk - let alone dance - in those shoes and not break and ankle. Yes, the world is so much sweeter with Gaga in the world.)

Plus: SIR ELTON JOHN?!?! Who would not want to be playing on a stage with him! Be still my heart! (He's coming to Budapest! Need to find tickets!)

Oh, and before you say anything about her singing, have you heard her before she was Gaga? Her voice is BEAUTIFUL. Check it out:


  1. Great choice!


  2. great minds think alike - I picked this one too! =)

  3. I really like her performances, that's for sure. And the one of her before she was Lady Gaga, wow! I'd like to see a CD of music like that from her, too. I'd buy it!

  4. Wow! I LOVE her "before" video!! She is a very, very talented lady...I, too, loved her opening performance at the Grammy's...she is a TRUE performer...Great choice:) Have a great day

  5. Lady Gaga is the BEST!!!! We all know I am beyond obsessed with her, so I had to pick someone else who I love from the Grammy's. Man!

  6. I think that was the coolest opening ever! New follower

  7. GaGa and Elton's performance was amazing. You know you've hit the big time when you perform with him.

  8. Elton John rocked my world! Great pick☺

  9. That was amazing...I agree about Taylor...live she does not seem all that...


  10. You just never know whats gonna happen when Lady Gaga hits the stage! I love Lady Antebellum but I agree you don't really remember it!

  11. Like your post. Love the video from "before she was GaGa." Haven't seen it before.


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