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Thursday, March 25, 2010

****Just a quick reminder to enter my give-a-way! You've still got some time, but let's be honest here - I love seeing new comments pop up under there. So, in my time of need (these exams and final papers may just do me in.... but fret not, somehow the giveaway will go on!) make this girl happy!***

I am one gigantic ball of stress. Here's my to-do list:

Due tomorrow: Paper on Medieval Science
Monday: Latin Exam (yes, the exam that you HAVE to pass to get your degree. Yes, it holds more weight in that department than the actual blasted thesis!). (9am)
Monday: Presentation for Medieval Science (1:30pm)
Tuesday: Exam for Religion & Authority (11am)
Wednesday: Oral Exam for East Central European Renaissance

Okay, so written out it doesn't look so bad, but I swear that Monday Latin Exam line is glowing and taunting me. Why must Latin and I be on such unfriendly terms? I like it! I just wish it was more willing to work with me rather than confuse me. [As a side note, I have learned more about the English language, grammar, and structure this year than all of the rest of my schooling combined. Strange, hunh?]

Oh, and I'm seriously having a love affair with WeHeartIt. Hence why I am overloading you with pictures I did not take (super-stress-ball-courtney does not carry her camera with her, because super-stress-ball-courtney takes really bad pictures). How did I not know about this website earlier? Also, why did I learn about it right before my exam/paper stress period? No good!

Also, I feel like I'm back in high school - Mom got me a Napster gift-card for Christmas, and I seriously love it. Now, it's not as fun as when you used to get all sorts of free music and had to play roulette as to which songs would download faster (remember the little red, yellow, and green lights it used to have to tell you which ones would download best?), and whether what you were downloading was actually the song you wanted or not. Now it's like the little annoying sister to iTunes. But it does have one feature I just love. Radio stations. Specifically one that plays awesome jazz. Studying has never been so chill.


  1. Good luck on all of your exams and your paper! You will do great!

  2. Sooo almost 1 year down, 1 to go! Thats so cool, I bet its an awesome experience! Which are you more excited for, coming back to the states or that Paris trip?! Hey jazz music is a good idea I'm totally listening to that next time I study haha! Good luck next week especially monday :)

  3. My chica had a law school midterm today. That, on top of the pressure of breaking up with her longtime bf on Monday. Life is crazy, oui?

  4. Sorry if I confused you with my unfollow/follow randomness. I thought I was on a different blog, went to follow it; turns out I was on your blog to comment, hit follow when I was already following, & that unfollowed you. When I realized what I'd done, I had to start over with following you.

    LOL Did that make any sense at all? See, your brain won't get any less fuzzy even when you're done having final exams periods of time. =p

    (Good luck on those, BTW!)

  5. Yessh such a busy exam week. Best of luck! I remember Napster fondly in 2001, that's awesome that it's still around and doing well!


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