Home Again, Home Again...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well, I've been back in the States for five days now. Five glorious days. And I've done next to nothing (which sorta explains the "glorious' part, no?). I am loving this, but I know it can only last so long. Sigh.

The flight back here was, well, it was long. 9.5 hours from Budapest Airport to NYC (JFK). Dear Delta - get some new airplanes. The ones with only a few TV's for the whole coach section? Not cool. Every other international airline (except the Russian Aeroflot - but let's not start in on them again, that was an experience I'm willing to forget) has little self-controlled TVs in the back of each seat. I had close to ten hours and only watched a movie on my iTouch because I could not see one of the big TVs (plus, let's admit that I'm a control freek and would much rather be able to select what I watch, when I want to watch it, and be able to pause/rewind/stop when I want!). Oh, and Delta? Your food sucked too. Oh well, I got to the States, right? And that was the important part! Customs went quick (though they make you get your bags, drag them through a checkpoint, and put them on another conveyer belt yourself.)
Then the four hour layover in NYC? Not so fun for someone who had been up for close to 20 hours (I only napped on the plane, which is unusual for me, usually I can sleep a majority of the way - but the seats were tiny and my isle partner, though skinny, managed to still take up her space and half of mine as well!). I got some Chili's (YAY HAMBURGER!), a Starbucks (YAYAYAYAY!), and enjoyed listening to announcements in ENGLISH. The flight to Boston was short, my bags got there in time, the bus ride to my town was fast (and had internets! hence the "Budapest, I Love You" post). And then I slept till mom woke me up for Easter Church.

Easter was nice and quiet. Just the way I like it (well, the way I liked it this year in a hazy, sleepy state). Church was nice. Breakfast with mom and dad was nice. Got a Starbucks card to gorge myself on while home, a new Napster card to support my music habit abroad, a chocolate bunny (because what is Easter without a chocolate bunny?), and some flowers from dad (that I think mom has semi-stolen from me). I napped. I sat on the porch swing with a book. It was awesome.
The only other news of this vacation so far is that I've started Bikram Yoga. Yes, you read that correctly. Bikram. Yoga. As in - HOT yoga. As in it's around 105 degrees in the Studio during the whole class. It's the most insane thing ever, and yet I love it. I've gone 3 mornings so far (and will go again in the morning). The trick is getting past the first class. I spent at least half the first class sitting on my ass trying not to pass out while watching the sweat drip, no, pour off everyone else in the room. It was intense. I was gross. I wanted to cry and run out the room and never come back. But I forced myself to go back. And it's been so worth it. Even only three classes in and I feel amazing. I'm sore in places I've never been sore. I feel more alive the whole day when I start my day at 9AM with a 90 minute sweaty class.
If you haven't tried it, no matter how old or broken you may think you are, you really ought to. They were talking about a student today that comes to the studio. She's 65 and she has an injury to her elbow that she sustained when she was 14 that has left her unable to straighten it past 90 degrees. She's been doing Bikram for 6 months and she's at 170 degrees and close to being able to fully extending it! Some of the other older students have told me about how they used to have intense joint pain and now it's gone and their flexibility and strength have improved remarkably. And some others have even said they've lost 50+ lbs by just adding Bikram into their lives. It's intense. You'll try to convince yourself to quit. But do this - go for three classes (in one week) and then make your decision about it. If I had made my decision after one class I wouldn't be doing it any more.

Okay that's my life over the past few days! Now, back to reading a fiction book of no consequence and early to bed! Night all!


  1. OOooo, I've been so curious about Bikram! Now I have to take a class.

  2. Welcome home lady!! Bikram yoga? I am impressed.

  3. Welcome home!! I love Bikram yoga!!


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