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Saturday, May 8, 2010

So, the last time I posted - like really posted - I had been home for only five short days. It's been over a month - and what a whirlwind of life experiences that has been! Though, it is kindof nice to be back in the dorm and be able to sleep in until I want and live at a more relaxed pace - it was a trip that I wish was still going on!

So, after being at home for a few weeks and enjoying the beautiful New England weather - which I was blessed to have - because as anyone who lives in New England knows, April weather is look-out-your-window weather. It can snow, hail, rain, be 90+ degreres out - and all in one day! Case-in-point, the week before I came home they had rains that flooded out roads and bridges and such. I, fortunately, had none of that!

As you also read, in a tiny post, I went to NC for a week! I love that state. On the way down I stopped in Baltimore to visit with an old friend. I should have got there about 6pm - but stupid I95 decided to sit in place for no reason - twice - and I didn't get there until close to 9! Didn't matter though, Jes and I met her hubby out at a bar, where he was hanging out with some friends, and chatted there some. And then went back to her place and proceeded to chat until about, oh, 2am! I miss her every time I talk to her! Oh to be back in the states....

After a bit of sleeping in, I left for NC. Thank God for audio books though! What A drive that is. But I really don't mind it. I'm pretty at ease behind the wheel and let a lot of sill traffic things roll off my back (but yes, I do have my driving pet peeves....) However, what makes the drive most worth it is the part where it's about to be over. Every single time I drive back across the town line into Chapel Hill I wonder why I left. Which is probably a good thing, right? That I didn't just love it while I was there, but it truly became a part of who I am and what I love.

oh Chapel Hill, you are my heart!

I stayed with two friends who got married in August (and I, *gulp*, missed their wedding because I was in Budapest...) for a few days. We went out to dinner, went to the zoo, threw a baby shower, and all around had an awesome and amazing time. It was so nice to reconnect (in person) again. Email and phones are great, but there is nothing better than sitting across the table from an old friend over good food and just laughing the night away.

Carrie at the NC zoo :)

After the weekend I stayed with my old roommate/best friend/etc. She had to work most days, so our catching up was done in the evenings over food and small events. I've missed her so, but at the same time it feels like no real time has passed when we're together. That's the mark of a good friendship, I've decided at this point in my life. To be away from each other for months at a time and to come back together and just fall back into place. While in CH I also: went fencing, went to aerials, went to lunch with old professors, old friends, and other assorted people. I drank way too much coffee, ate far too much of the food I've missed, and stayed up way too late.

Me and Lori, right before I was going to hop in the car to drive north.

I also did a mass amount of research for my thesis. Which is awesome. But even more important than that, academically, I made some awesome connections. And these connections led to other connections - which have left me emailing with the TOP GUY in my field of study. Who, not to pat myself on the back too early, thinks my research topic/idea/hodgepodge is amazing and wishes he could be my advisor as well! There is nothing like the affirmation that what you're doing is both interesting, worthwhile, and meaningful. So. Happy.

And then I headed back north. With a stopover in DC this time - I got in around 6 (no real traffic south-north, fortunately) and met my old college/fencing friend Sallie at a place her boyfriend's band was playing. We listened to them (who are an awesome cover band) until they were done at 10 and then went back to her place to just chat, laugh, and sleep. I really hate that all my friends are so spread out now! College was so easy with everyone in one place. But, I guess that just means I have great places to visit now!

And after a second stopover in CT to meet my mom and visit with my great-aunt (who's 94th birthday was the 4th of May!!) I finally got home - just in time to pack me and my dad up to go to Paris!

But, that is for my next post.... :)

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  1. I can not believe how non-stop your life is. I'm glad you had a great visit to NC and I hope Paris is amazing!


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