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Monday, August 30, 2010

I made it back to Budapest; safe, sound, and jet-lagged for the first time of any of my trips here. I blame it on the fact that I actually slept the whole flight from Boston to Zurich (thanks, probably, to Tylenol's 'Simply Sleep' - that stuff is magic). Oh, and then when I finally got to my dorm around 4pm (10am East Coast time) I proceeded to take a 2 hour nap. You can't really blame me though, a 12 hour travel time period (from stepping foot on board to stepping into dorm room, it's more like 17 hours if you count from the moment we left our house!) really takes a lot out of you. And then I went to bed around midnight and got up around noon today. And I'm STILL tired.

What gives? This has never happened to me before!

Maybe it's just that I finally have some down time for myself and my body is taking full advantage of it (or is about to get sick, but cross your fingers that doesn't happen!)

And since I promised you a recap of the weddings I attended this summer, here it is. What is truly amazing about this summer of weddings is that I have known every single one of the brides and grooms. Usually people are friends with one of the people originally (and then, depending on how close you are to them, you get to know and be friends with the other). So it was a pretty special summer, no? Anyway, in true Courtney style, here's a photo re-cap:

Wedding #1 - Ivona & Joe
- I've known Ivona and Joe since my freshman year of college on our fencing team.

Wedding #2 - Hannah & Ben
- I was a bridesmaid :)
- I've known Hannah since 7th grade and Ben since kindergarten (!).

Wedding #3 - Kira & Erik
- I was a bridesmaid :)
- I've known Kira since I started fencing when I was 11 and met Erik at some national tournament when I was 14.
(look who got the most height! ha! I'm 4th from the left!)


  1. I can't believe I actually sang your blog post title! lol

    Glad you're back safely!!!!

    I love the jumping in that last shot!

  2. You are quite the jetsetter! We are going to the UNC v. LSU game this weekend in GA!!! I will post pics!

  3. I'd say you've had a busy summer and now that you 'stopped' your body is catching up. They say it takes a day for every hour in time difference to feel like yourself so you need a week. If you don't start back to class right away I'd just go with it the first 2-3 days.

    So many weddings...how fun! I love that last shot especially! People are so creative now when it comes to their wedding day.

  4. I love that wedding picture on the bottom. Looks like lots of fun :-)


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