The Red Pyramid [Rick Riordan]

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Title: The Red Pyramid (Book 1: The Kane Chronicles)
Author: Rick Riordan
Pages: 528 (Hardback)
Date Completed: August 27, 2010
First Sentence: We only have a few hours, so listen carefully.
Favorite (Main Character): Carter Kane
Favorite (Non-Main) Character: This is a toss up between Chief Lector Iskandar and Toth
Rating: ☆ 1/2

After racing through his Percy Jackson series, I was hungry for more of Riordan's quick wit and sense of adventure. What I loved about the Jackson series was the wide-eyed, childhood wonder that Riordan was able to bring to the page. He writes in a way that moves the story along, but doesn't forget to get you close to his characters as well. And what I loved most was the honesty surrounding the characters - instead of allowing everything to come naturally and seem logical to Percy, Riordan had him react in the same way anyone might. There were a lot of moments where Percy just had that wait? this is real? what the...? me? but, how am i supposed to...?

Then, taking all of that into consideration, what I was worried about going into this series was the question: Is this just going to be Percy Jackson all over again? And, honestly, I think that's what all fans of Riordan were concerned with. While some authors realize they've hit it big with one storyline, so they go back and rewrite the same story with new characters, Riordan has given us something different. True, it's the whole woah? I'm related to some ancient Gods that I didn't know really ever existed?! idea, but it's not the same story. It is told with a voice that's unique to Riordan, and that's not something that's easily changed (nor is it something that I would want changed, as I love how Riordan writes!). He has breathed life into a new brother and sister duo, who I can't wait to rad more about.

It also helps that I LOVE Egyptian history. So reading this book was like reawakening a part of my historical love that doesn't often get the chance to breathe. Listening to the stories behind the gods, watching them get some sort of personality, and putting some humanity into the ancient Egyptians was a delightful journey to go on.

I would totally recommend this book to anyone (and I already have given my copy to my father!) who loves a good adventure, some sarcasm, and a trip through the Duat. It's a great addition to the Young Adult genre.

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