Quarter Life Crisis

Monday, August 23, 2010

I turn 25 this week and am in need of a good quarter life crisis.

Anyone have any good ideas?

I'm thinking going to GradSchool in Budapest wasn't enough for this girl.

There's plenty of time for settling down-ing, and job-ing, and live-ing in my future. What shall I do with my youth? I mean, there's more GradSchool to be done later on, but what about now?

I'm thinking WorldTeach may be my solution, maybe in the American Samoas?


  1. I recommend working at an animal shelter or an orphanage! My sister just graduated from nursing school and is going to the Phillipines for two months and living in an orphanage. I'm a little jealous. I was working as a medical assistant at 25.

  2. Sounds good to me...

    Also, I don't think they call it a 'crisis' at the quarter century mark...it's more like a quarter century opportunity!

  3. One thing I can give you as an advice...do what you wanna do right now. Don't wait. In three years it may be too late, or you see things differently. I know what I'm talking about. I made that mistake. :( So go for whatever you have in mind...travel the world, go work in another country, or go back to school again for another degree or whatever...just do it and don't wait too long. ;)
    Because yes, as you said there's plenty of time for settling down etc later on...so do it all now. At once even. ;) haha.


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