Bah Humbug? (Who? Me? No!)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am still so excited about my post from yesterday!
I could barely go to sleep last night,
dreams of the Colosseum (the pizza), Saint Peter's (the pasta),
the Trevi Fountain (the gelatto), oh and the food...
were all dancing around in my mind.
How to fit everything that I want to do in Rome in 3 days?
To plan? or to just be Roman and do things as they happen?
I'll have to toss some more coins in the fountain!

I honestly cannot wait to go!
How am I to do more work before then?!
Breathe, Courtney, Breathe...

Okay, onto today's 12 Days of ChristmasBlogging:
Day 8: Christmas Dislikes

This is easy:

1) travelling
for the 'happiest time of the year'
people certainly get bad attitudes
the pushing, the shoving
i really just want to tell people:
ugh, we all have a seat on the plane!
wait your turn!

2) length of holiday
really, 12 Dec - 9 Jan?
I mean, I know I get a longer holiday than most
but, there is so much family and & friends to see
and I'm out of the country
and a lot harder to visit
oh, did i mention that i have
a crazy amount of homework to do over break?
yeah, what break?

What about you?
What takes the holly jolly out of Christmas for you?


  1. I agree. This time of year turns people rude... I don't get it?? One would think that maybe it would bring the "nice" out in people! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

  2. Thanks for linking up! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Traveling is definitely a dislike of mine..People can be so rude during the holidays! Ugh!!


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