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Monday, January 3, 2011

if you follow me on twitter,
you know that i've been sitting in Starbucks
for the last, oh, 3 days straight.
(complete with grumpy-ness over someone,
and my subsequent thought
that i ought to be able to put
a little "reserved" sign on it)

needless to say,
i've got nothing really to say.
hopefully i will sometime soon.
but my life is spent,
at the moment,
trying to make words sound intelligent
and *tap-tap-tapping* away at the keys.

so, i'm gonna let
we[heart]it give you some
- pretty
- wise
- funny
for the day:

[there were many times when writing this last paper
that i deleted everything
and typed this.]

[i am part of the HP generation
and stinkin' proud of it]

['nuff said]

[*fangirl squeel*]

[kitty! cute kitty!]
[this is my happy place in my mind]

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