Obligatory NYE Post :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Last Day of 2010 Everyone!

I'm knee-deep in writing a paper that's due the 3rd,
(which is also one of the reasons for my absence! sorry)
so this post will be short.

2010 was awesome,
but I hope that
2011 will be even better!

And a little thing I've realized today
(if you follow me on twitter, this isn't news to you)

My life seems to take a drastic change every four years:
graduate high school
move to North Carolina
start college
graduate college
get first real job
graduate from grad school
(then I'll be Master Courtney!)

I cannot wait to see where 2011 takes me,
but if my 4-year-cycle
has set any precedent,
it's certain to be amazing.

And I want to wish that
amazingness to you all as well!


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