Happiness Is...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...a warm puppy? (à la Charles Schultz)
...a warm gun? (à la The Beatles)

To me, happiness is....

- autumn in New England on a sunny day
- re-reading a favorite book
- a bubble bath with candles
- an empty beach on a clear summer day
- jazz (think Davis or Coltrane)
- pop jazz (think JMayer or JCullum)
- amaretto sours & good conversation
- sitting in front of a fireplace with a book on a snowy day
- a long phone call from an old friend
- Carolina Tar Heel National Championships
- the ache the day after a great workout
- fresh cut flowers for no reason at all
- cupcakes
- the Grover "Smell Like A Monster" Sesame Street Clip
- the "Happiest Penguin in the World" YouTube clip
- uncontrollable laughter with friends
- Starbucks Red Cups
- Starbucks Vanilla Chai (even if its not in a red cup)
- sleeping in without setting an alarm
- a finished thesis (or so I hope!)
- staying in pajamas all day
- dancing around your room to loud pop music (think Gaga or *NSync)
- handwritten letters in the mail
- peanut butter
- making snowmen and snow-forts and sledding
- people to love and be loved by
- friends
- family

What is Happiness to you?

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  1. I love this list! I couldn't agree more - the cupcakes, letters, PB! I love it!

  2. Man, I agree with SO many of these. Love this list :) And I really love the pic of the fortune at the top. That's great!

  3. FABULOUS list!! Re-reading a book is the best. And I have to say that I enjoy KU national champions more than UNC national champtions, hahah ;-) And of course family and friends top my list as well. Hope you're having a great day full of these things!

  4. Love these!!! So excited for the blog hop!

  5. I like that such simple but meaningful things make you happy :)


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