A Little Bit of Me

Sunday, January 16, 2011

For any of you new here, hello!
Since I'm down to my last paper (!!!),
I'm just doing a quick little fill in thing
(that I found over on Candace's Blog),
so you can know a little more random
about yours truly :)
Happy Weekend to all!

I am... a fiercely loyal to my friends and family.
I want... to be home to play in the snow.
I have... the greatest family in the world.
I wish... it was warm enough to wear flip flops.
I hate... the word hate. Or that people are still smoking on my hall in the dorm. It's a non-smoking dorm. Having my room smell like smoke is so not my preference.
I fear... needles.
I hear... the sweet sounds of jazz coming from my Napster radio.
I search... google for the answers to everything.
I wonder... when I will get around to starting my thesis.
I regret... very little.
I love... my friends and family more than anything.
I ache... nowhere; clearly I need to work out more.
I always... say please and thank you. Manners are important things to teach your children.
I usually... am optimistic and give people the benefit of the doubt. Yes, this ends up hurting me from time to time.
I am NOT... going to let school rule my life this semester. There will be time for me in there too.
I dance... randomly. You can find me having frequent dance-it-out moments (yes, like in Grey's, but me and my roomies have done this since before Grey's)
I sing... to myself all the time. Move over Taylor Swift!
I never... say never. It always comes back to bite you in the butt.
I rarely... make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I prefer only the PB.
I cry... when I'm really, really angry.
I am not always... punctual; but I really, really try.
I lose... my mind on a regular basis.
I'm confused... by some people in this world.
I need... to get back to a regular sleeping schedule.
I should... get back to my paper now. Drat.

What are you?

Also, I think I may start "Just Another Music Monday" soon,
the first week or so may be just me, as I try to figure out the McLinky thingy.

Also, keep your eyes peeled - Sam, Neely, and I
have a fun surprise coming soon that I know you will all love!


  1. Teehee, I love that you want to be home to play in the snow, yet wish it were warm enough to wear flip flops.. Hehe! ^.^

    So excited for our surprise! :)

  2. This is a fun one! I cry when I'm mad too.

    McLinky is easy to use...if I'm using it anyone can use it: )

  3. I love it when Cristina Yang dances in Grey's! It looks like an amazingly fun release!

  4. Oh yay, in college my roommates and I used to have random dance parties - while brushing our teeth, in the middle of washing dishes, etc!


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