After All, You're My Wonderwall

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did I tell you that I finished all my papers?

Because I did. All of them.

Now, that doesn't mean that all my work for the [last] semester is done yet, but it does mean that I am no longer a slave to the click, click, click of my computer keyboard. That makes me happy. Though, yes, I am still sitting in front of it for other work, I'm not actively formulating smart things for days on end. My brain has decided to take a small vacation.

I've decided to try and force this never ending jet-lag out of my system (seriously, 4AM-1PM sleep times? that's just crazy-talk). So, yesterday morning at 7AM I got out of bed after hitting the snooze button a few times, and got my stuff together and left the dorm at 8AM to go find the Bikram studio that's in the city (unlike the one 2hours away in the Buda Hills that I went to last January). And I found it! And the people were nice that worked there! And, while the studio wasn't as hot as the one I go to back at home (seriously, it's almost like I'm complaining about that...), it was still hot enough to remind me why it's called hot yoga. And it was just what I needed: relaxing, working, centering, and exhausting. I was tired by 10PM and ready to sleep shortly thereafter. Though I still didn't fall asleep until about 1AM - that's better than 4AM. I'm on the right track.

Right now, I'm really loving this cover of Oasis' Wonderwall by Ryan Adams. I hope you do too, as it's a calm, almost haunting, version of an old favorite of mine. I like that Adams' doesn't try and remake the song, instead he puts himself into it, and gives it a new feel, a new life.

My classes this semester are okay, nothing that I really like (except my Latin class - who would have thought that crazy language would be my most useful/enjoyable class?), but I'm only taking 5 classes this semester which is such a relief (compared to the 7 last semester, or the 9 of my first semester...).

Let's pause a moment so you can think about how 5 classes is considered an "only" and a "light semester" at this school. Yeah, it boggles my mind too.

But, this leaves me a lot of free time to sleep work on my thesis and get other important things done (like my applications, eventually). So, I'm good with it.

How is your week going?

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  1. Congrats on finishing your paper! I love Ryan Adams too!


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