Who Are You HodgePodge

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Wednesday,
another hodgepodge :)

1. The story of your name? Do you like your name?
I love my name. Growing up, until I was probably around 10th grade I was the only Courtney in my school. I actually would be really confused in the halls of my high school after the "other" Courtney showed up, because people weren't necessarily talking to me anymore!

There is a funny story with my name that my parents like to tell - apparently I was almost named Hillary! They were down to three names and Dad says he polled the hospital (he works as a NICU nurse, so he knew almost everyone in L&D) and Courtney won. And I'm glad it did!

2. How do you define success?
To me success is a feeling that comes after you've done something that you're proud of, or glad to have accomplished. It's a mix of relief, pride, and a hint of sadness that it's over.

3. Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy?
Jeopardy! I love random trivia :)

I went once, with my mom and my Great Aunt Ruth, to see a couple episodes filmed in Boston. Alex is hilarious!

4. If you could own a single object you don't have now...
A decent sized house with a of land. Of my own.

Who knows where I'd put it at this point, but it would be nice to have!

5. Something that inspires you?
People who do good because doing good is the right thing to do.
Like the guy who started charity:water, or doctors who work with Doctors Without Borders.

6. Meatloaf? Yea or Nay?
Only if my mom's cooking it.

7. To be organized & methodical or the ability to adapt & make do?
The ability to adapt and make do.
Life is surprising and never goes as planned,
even if you're organized and methodical.
For me, it's better to be able to go with the flow.

8. Random Thought
Come Saturday I am taking a mental health day and not looking at a single thing that is involved with school or school work. I've been on overdrive since before Christmas Break, and I am in total need of some 'me' time.

Oh, and:
How do you like the new look?

Can you guess what movie I've been watching
(as well as what book will probably be next on my list, again):


  1. Enjoyed your answers!
    until next time... nel

  2. I love this! I think random thoughts are the best way to get to know a person. :) Thanks for sharing!

    I'm also with you on the land and the house... wouldn't that be so nice? Instead of planning for my dream wedding, I sketch floor plans for my dream home! :)

  3. Loved reading your answers. So glad you like your name. A large piece of land would be awesome.
    I do like your new look!

  4. Courtney is a beautiful name.
    That's funny how it came to be.

    My middle son weighed 12lbs 2.5oz at birth and after he was born the Dr.s and my hubby started bidding (just for fun) on how much he weighed. They told the nursery to call down to them as soon as he was weighed. He actually never lost the weight and is now 6'5' about 250lbs

  5. I love the header!

    Hubs sister is Courtney...I like the name too because its different and not overly used.

    Enjoy your day off!

  6. So enjoyed stopping by this afternoon. This is such a fun way to get to meet new bloggers and learn a little about them.

    Enjoy your mental health day, sounds like you have earned it!

    Blessings and joy!

  7. Enjoyed reading your answers.
    Agree with you-on your mental health day- I use to use Saturdays for this-but not now. My youngest daughter plays college basketball so..my mental health day is letting my husband drive while I read and then I yell, yell, yell at the refrees at the game-it is a great stress releaser.


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